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Science with Absorbing Jelly Crystals

Space Sensory Bins



Make a satelite above.Cardboard pieces were packing material, pipe cleaners, corks, and othe plastic packaging material

IMG_20160104_121009346Blackbeans, glass beads, space figures and glitter

Spa Birthday


A cozy nook

I know  I mostly write about what we do with the kids but we have dogs too. I set out for this to be a new dog bed but it really has been taken over by the kids so they both share.

What you will need: an old playpen

fabric about 2 yards worth

string or rope or ribbon

thread and a needle or a glue gun

optional: pillows, blankets etc


Cut away the netting on three or all four sidesIMG_20151210_105939793

Lay your fabric across the top so you can get an idea of how you want it to go. I just cut away where necessary.IMG_20151210_110015856

I wanted to cover the side rails with some fabric so I cute fabric to cover each post and then did just a few stitches to attach you could also use a glue gone and forget about the thread and needleIMG_20151210_110652227

simple stitches or gluing on the sides and middleIMG_20151210_110720208

and then tie with rope, ribbon or whatever you like and your done


as you can see the kids kind of took it over IMG_20151210_120349566

but the puppies do get a turn tooIMG_20151210_123234217 IMG_20151210_123311461