A Messy Party

Mikey wanted a messy slime party so I did what I could to create it for him. Above is Mikey’s Sukkah you can go here to learn more about it.

Here is a link to the templates I used for the disguises on A Mom with a Lesson Plan

I made a mud pit using Grow Dirt we hid GIANT bugs inside

the kids could sit inside and enjoy the mud and dig out GIANT bugs

There was splat painting visit HERE to see more splat painting and to see the materials used to create it

We also had spray painting visit HERE to see materials used and how to create this.

Visit here to see how I made our Colored Jello and for some fun ideas on adding to it.

Visit here to see how I made our Rainbow Pasta I added googly eyes to ours

Visit here to see more pictures of our Water Bead Pool

Visit here to see more pictures and for instructions on how to make my awesome BORAX SLIME

Visit here to get directions on how to make my STRETCHY SLIME

Visit here to see TONS of pictures of our Shaving Cream Slides

I filled a sensory tub with Baking Soda and put colored vinegar in squirt bottles os the kids could create Volcanoes

I added PVC pipes cut at various lengths with connectors and funnels for the kids to tinker with and create water ways

Our Water wall was also up and running it was a ton of fun for all the kids. Visit here to see how I made the water wall and to see more pictures.

And of course our KID WASH to get everyone clean after getting messy visit the Kid Wash Link to see how we made this awesome contraption and to see a bunch more pictures of it.


  1. Wow! This party looks like every kids dream party. I can’t believe how many fun ideas you packed into one place.Thanks for sharing.

  2. what a party! This is amazing!!!! Featuring it on this week’s Sunday Showcase (how can I not?!)

  3. This looks like the best party ever! I love the kid wash!

  4. Your Messy Party just looks like so much fun! I want to have one myself now when my kids are a bit older. I have featured it this week on my Weekly Kid’s Co-op post which has just gone up. You’re welcome to grab a featured button from the sidebar if you like. Thanks for sharing! 😀

  5. I am sad, most of the parents would not be ready for this 🙁 But I will wait couple more years and then will have all the kids on my side 😀

  6. That is one rocking party!
    I have 6 kids who would go crazy for this!
    I am excited to follow along on your blog and see all the crazy..messy …fun you have! 🙂

  7. I’ve been wanting to do a ‘Mega Messy Birthday’ party for my son since he was born (well close to it) – this has given me so much inspiration and I any believe how many activities you had! What a blast!

  8. Amy Gilbert says:

    I love messy messes! We have a mud party this past summer for my son! I love your ideas, so great!

  9. Wow what a great party I would of never had thought about a messy party I’m so glad I came across this on Pinterest I will be doing this for my daughters next birthday 🙂


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