A Sneek Peak at Kolcrafts- Wally Wonderbug

There is some BUZZ coming from Kolcraft about a special someone. I have wanted to share every little tidbit of info with you all but I had to keep it under wraps, I wasn’t supposed to share any info just yet so I kept quiet about it I didn’t want anything to crawl out. Well I can now finally let you know what has been on my mind and BUGGING me to come out! Kolcraft has a NEW ENTERTAINER Wally Wonderbug. This BUGGY character is going to be all the rage just wait and see. Wally is an adorable character specifically designed to give your baby hours of discovery and fun with educational toys that even teach basic cause & effect relationships. Wally is going to be a toy that will not only grow with your child but go with them too. Wally and his female counterpart Wanda love to travel.
If you have a technologically savvy child like mine, Kaia loves the computer, than Wally Wonderbug has something for them too. That’s right Wally Wonderbug will be buzzing around online creating a safer and decidedly more entertaining world for kids and adults.
That’s all I can say for now in January I will get to tell you all about Wally and Wanda. Until then though keep your eye out for Wally at Kolcraft there is a Wally Wonderbug Contest going on. Also make sure you check out Kolcrafts Facebook page they will keep you updated with info there to.

This was not a paid post my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. I was not given any compensation at all for this post but was entered into a Kolcraft contest for it.


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