About Me & PR Info

I am happy to hear all PR pitches. Please contact me at debra92691@gmail.com
The above email account is the only email account I use please do not send any products to anyone using any other email account.

My name is Debra. I am the creator and owner of Familylicious http://familylicious.com . I am a full time stay at home mom. I have three children, Kaia, Mikey and Liam. I love to share a little bit of our lives with my readers, as well as things that interest me. Whether it be socially-conscious issues, fun projects we do together, to reviews and giveaways, I share it all on my blog!

Benefits to Companies and Advertisers:

• I have a large group of Google/Blogger followers on my blog. In addition to the stats I provide later in this kit, I have a wide reach to ensure maximum exposure.
• I have connections all over Orange County I am very involved in various Mom’s group. Through my Mom’s groups I have access to varying ages of children that I can observe interactions with your product from not only a Mother’s stand point but from an educational stand point as well. I also volunteer my time to Charitable Organizations such as Attachment Parenting International of Orange County and religious organizations.
• I’m honest, articulate, and love to share cool products and websites with my readers! I was a Preschool teacher for ten years so I also can look at your products from a educational stand point, letting my readers know about the benefits for their children in that capacity.
• My audience trusts my opinion and knows that I will always be truthful.
• I am also very active on several parenting forums.
• Are you looking for help to promote your product? I am PR friendly and have had great success drawing attention to different products and services offered by companies I have worked with. I do not charge for reviews, and I am open to hearing all proposals.

Why work with Bloggers?
• Increase Your Search Engine Rankings: Bloggers write reviews about your product, they link to your website, increasing the number of backlinks to your site.
• More Product Visibility: Bloggers have large amounts of readers and Twitter followers. Sending one product to a blogger may get thousands if not millions of views.


My focus of this blog is to share products that I have found that have made my families life easier or just a little bit more fun. I also share giveaways on my blog.


My blog is an informational site for the most part. I share photos and information. I believe my readers come to my blog for the wealth of information I share.


I belong to the One 2 One Network, TypeAMom.net, My Blog Spark, She Speaks, The Product Review Place, Role Mommy, Team Mom, Mom Select, HouseParty, Blog Mama, Mommyblips, SheBlogs, and The Secrets in the Sauce. I am also a member of Blog with Integrity.



Please email me for my most up to date stats

Average time on site: 5 minutes 59 seconds


Age: 44% are 25-35 years old

Gender: 99% Female

Income: 31% $55,000- $65,000

Marital Status: 76% are married or in a relationship

Children: 91% have children under 18

Employment: 59% are Stay at Home Parents

Social Media Footprint

Facebook: I use Facebook to help promote giveaways

Twitter: I use twitter to help promote giveaways- http://twitter.com/familylicious

Ning Sites: I belong to many Ning-based sites, such as www.MomBloggersClub.com that I use to network as well as share my giveaways.

Click here to see my latest rankings on Alexa, Google, Yahoo, and more. Please note I have written to Compete and since I use Blogger their rating system cannot be applied. Compete does not work on Blogger.com blogs.


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Review/Giveaway Policy

• Product Review items must be FULL SIZE items or with clothing must be the appropriate size for the attended wearer. Items are thoroughly tested fitting is part of the testing.
• Preferentially, product reviews will be done when a second product is available to giveaway to my readers.

• Negative reviews may or may not be posted, after communication with sponsor. I feel very passionate about spending my money on worthwhile products. If I feel your product does not have high standards I will send you an email explaining why based on specific reasons. I will suggest improvements, and state “While this did not work for me….”

• All products will be reviewed after product is received, within a reasonable amount of time.

• Products sent for review are thoroughly tested to provide a full and fair review for my followers. These products are not returned or used for give-aways.

• For products offered in a giveaway, one item is tested for review, and a second, unused item is sent directly to the winner by the featured company.

• If the giveaway item is shipped to me directly it will be forfeited to me. I am sorry to have to do that but as I have stated earlier all giveaway items are to be shipped directly to the winner by the featured company or their PR representative.

Please note that Familylicious Reviews does NOT charge for product reviews; any fees charged deal with givaways that are offered WITHOUT a product review. This is because of the amount of time that postings require, as well as time to promote the giveaway on various sites. Products sent for review are thoroughly tested to provide a full and fair review for my followers. These products are not returned or used for giveaways. For products offered in a giveaway, one item is tested for review, and a second, unused item is sent directly to the winner by the featured company. I ask that the sponsor ships prizes directly to the winner(s) at the close of the giveaway.

I am open to reviewing various types of services and products, so please do not hesitate to contact me with your pitch. I have had great success promoting and drawing attention to companies, services, and products with my reviews and giveaways, and I am happy to work with you on a campaign to do likewise for your product.