Albertsons Healthy Lunch Tips and $25 Gift Card Giveaway

I had the pleasure of interviewing Heidi Diller R.D. Albertsons Dietician. She gave me some fantastic tips to share with you for packing healthy nutritious lunches for your kids at school as well as for just feeding them in general that they will actually eat.
I know already I have noticed some great results following Heidi Diller’s advice.
First lets go over some common mistakes we all make (I know I have made all of them) when packing the kiddos lunches, this also works for just meals in general at home.

1. Packing to much food that is SLOW to eat. This goes the same with filling their plates at meal time with food that is slow to eat.
Most lunch times at school are 30-35 minutes so kids want to eat quick and play packing foods that are slow to eat means that they take a few bites then abandon their food to go play, because of this most of the food gets thrown away. If they come home hungry from school that is normal that is what afternoon snacks are for. Same goes for at home my kids sit at the table with us but if I give them food that is to slow to eat or to hard for them to manage then they are just done they want to get down and play.
Simple Solution pack them something they can eat in 10 minutes or less I have been doing the same thing at dinner time and my kids are actually finishing their dinner something that has never before happened. They still suit with us and talk but the fact that they are actually eating all their food amazes us every time.
2. Packing to many Carbs , with no fiber and not enough protein. This one is a big one for me because it seems that all my kids ever want to eat are carbs. That’s the Chips, cheesy crackers, and cookies, the No No’s that my kids seem to love. All those carbs make Kids sleepy.
Simple Solution: Give them High Fiber protein rich foods. My kids favorite is deli meat wrapped around a piece of string cheese, or whole wheat crackers with deli meat. Also giving kids healthier drink options like non-fat milk or water instead of juice or soda
3 . Not getting the kids involved in menu planning
Simple Solution get them involved. Let them help with shopping and menu planning. One of Kaia’s favorite things to do is to help me make a list for shopping and then helping me carry it out when we get to the store. Through this we are able to talk about healthy options what is a good choice for nutrition and what is not and also we are able to explore new foods. She was curious about Indian food since one of her new friends at school is Indian so we went online found some recipes and then went to the store to get what was needed. If I had not included her in our Menu plans we may not have ever tried making Indian food at home. But I am so glad we did, we got to learn about different foods and try something new and exciting, and Kaia actually ate it which was pretty awesome since she usually only sticks to what she knows.

Heidi Diller, R.D., serves as Albertsons Corporate Dietitian and supports all health and nutrition initiatives for the banner. Heidi brings over 24 years of experience and an extensive background in weight management, kids health, heart-health and senior nutrition education to the Albertsons team.

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