Aluminum Foil Lined Sensory Table

I tried making Filth Wizardy’s Aluminum Foil River which looks so awesome. It did not work out no matter how hard I tried I cold not get our river to work. So Ihad a ton of aluminum foil left in one big sheet that I had to use for something so I decided to line our water table. I lined our water table with the leftover clean aluminum foil and put glass pebbles, water beads, and large glass stones inside for the kids to collect and explore.

It looked pretty awesome. I love how the water and beads reflect off the aluminum foil

The glass beads were smooth, hard and easy for the kids to pick up while the water beads were elusive and squishy. It was a nice difference in materials.

The kids used the tongs at first and then decided to use their hands instead

I tihnk the water was just so inviting especially with the nice shine and reflection going on.

All the beads were bought at the dollar store except for the water beads. Sadly our Dollar store does not carry them

In the end Mikey decided the table was missing something it needed his two favorite Shark water toys.


  1. This was a wonderful way to switch the idea up! My kids would love the affect that the foil has on the water. Great idea!

  2. Such a great idea! I featured you on my Kid’s Co-op post today!

  3. Its amazing what a difference a bit of tin foil can make! looks great

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