An Expensive Mistake

We needed some dirt to fill a hole in the backyard and we want to make some raised bed planters etc. If you have looked at craigslist at all you will see a bunch of posts for free dirt. So I called I asked if it would be good for what we needed they said yes and so the “dirt” was delivered while I was working at Mikey’s school. What I saw when I got home was far from any dirt you would see in a garden. At least not any garden where things grow. This looked more like cement. I called and asked for it to be removed. Guess what our free dirt cost $400 to remove! Yep, our free dirt turned out to be very expensive. So $400 later we still have some planters that need dirt in them and a drive way that looks horrible. At least the “dirt” is gone. It is a lesson to us though nothing is free not even dirt.

On a side note the kids loved our temporary pile of rocks. They had so much fun playing with it. Mikey threw a tantrum when he found out they were coming to take it away.

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