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Giant Bubbles!!!

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Picture 345
Are you ready to make some amazing HUGE bubbles?

Here is what you will need:

2 dowels or one dowel cut in two (I actually used an old broom stick and cut it in two each side is 2 ft long)

Two eye hooks you know the ones that have the circle at the top

Rope- I used rope I already had at home, if I were to go out and buy some I would get something thinner, Like the rope you use to hang laundry would be perfect. Important- You want it to be cotton or soft nylon

I cut my pieces to these lengths top rope is 30 inches bottom rope is 86 inches

a Washer


1. Make sure you cut your dowels to your desired length

2. Attach the eye hooks- 1 hook on the end of each dowel

3. Attach the shorter rope first tie each side to each eye hook

4. Attach the longer rope. Attach one side first to one eye hook, slide the washer on and then attach the other side of the rope to the other eye hook.

5. This is optional. But I like to take a lighter to the frayed ends of the rope to stop the fraying and to give the rope a longer life.

6. That’s it enjoy! Make your own Bubble Solution I recommend any of my Amazing Bubble Recipes! Just make sure you make them a day ahead of time to make sure they work really well!

Picture 349
The great thing about this Bubble maker other than the fact that it makes HUGE bubbles is that you do not need a large bubble solution container. We used a sand bucket.
Picture 351
You can see that the kids had no trouble making huge bubbles!
Picture 388
They hardest thing for my kids is the waiting to pop the bubbles. They wanted to run and pop each bubble before they were done being made.
Picture 363
You can see the washer helps hold down the rope and keeps it from getting to tangled.
Picture 367
I told you huge amazing bubbles!
Picture 377
They were so incredible!
Picture 378
And that’s it now its your turn. Go make a giant bubble blower maybe you already have everything you need…
Picture 359
To make bubbles like this!!!

Oh and just incase you want to look up some other amazing bubble ideas check out this post where we had a Bubble Playdate and made the bubble blower like you see below and more!
Picture 028
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Peeps Fun: Science and Snacks

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Picture 078
We love Peeps in our house. They are cute and fun and you can learn from them!
Picture 079
We received some yummy Peeps for us to try out!
Picture 087

I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I was reading about how Emory University did a study on dissolving Peeps. They said that the Peeps eyes wouldnt dissolve in anything. So I decided we needed to put this to the test.Picture 089
You can see the pouty lip above. She was not happy we were “wasting” the Peeps. Don’t worryshe got one to nibble on. I asked the kids what they thought would dissolve the Peeps. we filled size mason jars with different liquids. And dropped one Peep Bunny in each Jar.
Picture 095

In the meantime, we decided to have a Peep duel. But alas our Peeps were lovers not fighters and they just toppled over and layed there. Looking all delicious.
Picture 096
The kids thought of one more liquid to add to our experiment and we were off. Watching closely for any changes
Picture 097

24 hours Later there was some change I was actually pretty surprised. Look at the Bubbles (AKA Dawn Dish soap)
Picture 107
I will say this even after it looked like it had completely dissolved the eyes and nose were still floating around
Picture 108

I totally thought the vinegar would be the first to dissolve but Nope! The salt water actually made a bigger change
Picture 110
You can see how the sugar kind of dissolved
Picture 111

Above if you look carefully you can see the eyes still floating
Picture 137
And the last day, Day 7 the lemon juice grew a lot of mold and I was kind of done at this point. So that is as far as we got.
Picture 138
But we still had leftover Peeps so what to do?
Picture 188We made amazing Peep Crispy Treats of course!

Picture 190First we had to make pretty rainbow Peep plates

Picture 173After that we put together all our Peeps, with some butter

Picture 174We started adding peeps a few at a time watching them melt before  adding the next bunch

Picture 177 Adding more and more

Picture 178and still more

Picture 179Until we got this color….

Picture 180a mirky kind of brown… which made me think chocolate. So I was holding a few Peeps back the yummy chocolate ones.

Picture 182In they went because if it looks like chocolate it might as well have some chocolate flavoring, right?

Picture 183And here they are. They were so yummy I will say they were a bit firmer or harder then other rice crispy trerats I have made. But definitely still very good. Please check out my Peeps Pinterest Board for TONS of great Peep related crafts, snacks, and projects.

Picture 184

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Imaginary Play: Flower Shop

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Welcome to our Flower Shop! The kids named the shop and made the sign.
Picture 330
We have a display of lovely 99cent store flowers. Plus Kaia pointed out we pick up our organic fruit from the flower shop by us. So we have some fruit there as well.
Picture 285
If you want to make some cute flower balls. Its super easy just pick up some of those plastic balls with the holes in them from the 99 cent store and hot glue flowers in each hole. If you want to get fancy you can spray paint the ball first but I didnt and I dont think you can tell.
Picture 289
You can see the red one I made in the picture above and the yellow one in the picture below
Picture 290
More Flowers and our butterfly/ caterpillar den behind
Picture 291
Watering cans in the sink and Birds and bloom magazines behind
Picture 292
More flowers and baskets
Picture 293
The buying station. There was a calculator and a pad and paper for receipts. But I didnt get any pictures of it. Here is Kaia wrapping cellophane around the flowers (the cellophane was precut) and pieces of ribbon

Picture 297
Selling flowers tying ribbon (hooray for fine motor)
Picture 302
And bags are essential
Picture 307
Cards to personalize the flower shop gift
Picture 311
selling station

Picture 314
I used cutup pool noodles to hold the flowers up
Picture 318
super fancy
Picture 320
Mikey was super into this. Flowers are not just for girls!
Picture 323
This Imaginary Play kept them busy for a long time!
Picture 326
Looking through a flower magazine for shopping choices
Picture 339
This was such a fun set up pretty much everything came from the 99 cent store so it was pretty inexpensive!
Picture 337

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Science Table- Loose Parts

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Discovery Bottles in the Back. Glass beads, unbreakable mirrors, plastic beaded necklaces all for fun and discovery.


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Super Eye Sensory Bins

Monday, September 9th, 2013

This weeks theme is Super Eyes at Mikey’s School. When it came time to make the sensory bins I had to make a black EYED peas and googley Eyes sensory bin.

And a Rainbow Pasta sensory bin. I make my rainbow pasta by adding 1 Tablespoon of rubbing alcohol to 1 pound of pasta and enough food coloring or liquid colors to get the color intensity I want.
And here are some bins I have set next to the sensory bins with some nature items, bowls, funnels, measuring cups, and scoops.

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