Baby Play- Circles in Water Play

I have come to realize that I need to give Liam some fun sensory play too. I have something going just about every day for Kaia and Mikey while poor Liam sits on the side lines watching their play. Yesterday I made some playdough for my older two. I gave a little to Liam and watched him squish it between his fingers and coo with delight. It inevitably went towards his mouth where I pulled it away. It made me realize though that there was something my 7 month old needed that I had not yet given him…some fun sensory play. I had completely intended to do sensory play with him. I had seen all kinds of adorable baby sensory activities on Pinterest. I had vowed to do them all yet my poor Liam had never had a sensory tub just for him, until now.

It has been pretty hot so I decided water was the way to go (just to be clear you should never let a baby play with water unsupervised). So I filled a shallow container with water and let him splash around in it. While Liam would have been content to play with water (it is the perfect sensory material) I felt like adding a little something more. Liam loves chew toys. His favorite right now are his teething bracelets. So I added my teething bracelets. They are beautiful, colorful, and deliciously chewy and fun for his little gums. Plus we now had a theme- CIRCLES! Liam happily played with this tub for a little over 20 minutes until I got distracted by my other two he grabbed the tub and dumped it over. He laughed hysterically thinking this was the best thing ever. What a wonderful way to end our play session. And now my floors have one very clean spot. Next time I think I will put down a towel.


  1. Such a simple idea yet I see why that would be a hit. I’m going to have to remember this one for when my 3 month old is bigger!

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