Back to School Guide: BabbaCo BabbaBox- Review

We do crafts every day in our house. They are not all theme based and generally are whatever I can throw together real quick to get the kids engaged and having fun. BabbaCo has created a better solution with their BabbaBox. Each box has a monthly theme and comes with a book, crafts, and more. What I really love is that everything you need is included. No starting a craft and finding midway through you are out of glue. Plus I don’t have to scrounge around trying to figure out what we are going to do. Everything is there it has a cohesive theme that you can carry from craft, to story, to exploring the world around you. And if you go over what is in the box you are definitely saving money from the book, to the craft supplies, to the exploring gear you are getting quite the deal. This is truly a fantastic monthly surprise to get in the mail for your kiddo. I know Kaia was thrilled to get it and has talked her Daddy into subscribing for her monthly! I am excited to I look forward to having a box come in the mail that has the crafts we need and also trying to expand on what we receive!

Why we created the BabbaBox:

How often do you ask: “Hey kids, what do you want to do today?” You want to do activities that are fun, engaging, and enriching. You have so many ideas and topics that you want to teach your kids. But where do you start, what’s age appropriate, and where do you get all the materials? Let me introduce you to the BabbaBox solution!

The BabbaBox by BabbaCo:

Monthly delivery of a theme-based box with activities, knowledge, and experiences.
All physical materials + know-how content to engage your kid are included.
Designed by our panel of experts to encompass all the ways kids ages 3-6 love to learn.
Enjoy together as part of your family time!

There was even a little gift in there for Parents too!

Why We Love The BabbaBox!

Save TIME:
No more running around to craft and super stores to gather all the materials. Oh, and by the way, you don’t need to clutter your house with 200 googly eyes and bags of pom pom balls! Get exactly what you need in each box without the errands!

Each box has a retail value of $40-$50 plus the benefits you can’t even buy! The research, exclusive digital content, and special surprises in each box all add up to an amazing value.

Our panel of experts give you the peace of mind that these activities and resources are truly enriching your kids! We do all the research and validation, so you can focus on the quality time with your children. Finally, something NOT on your to-do list!

Enjoy a little convenience & inspiration.

Kaia loves reading the book included I love that it completely goes along with the theme for the month while being age appropriate engaging and just perfect!

Kaia enjoyed making a constellation on the sun paper

While Mikey enjoyed coloring on the coloring pages provided

Kaia was amazed after setting her paper in the sun the paper turned white and after putting it in water some of the color came back while the star stickers lifted off to show her perfect star images. She created her own constellation.

Buy It: Visit the BabbaCo site to purchase monthly subscriptions of BabbaCo activity boxes. BabbaCo is offering 20% off your first box with code– FAM20OFF

This was not a paid post my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review

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