Balloon and Cork Painting

Materials Needed:
Pie tins or paper plates to hold paint

The kids LOVE painting with balloons. Well really anything with balloons makes them happy. SO why should painting be any different. I used to do balloon painting when I was teaching the two’s and it was always a big hit. I mean balloons and paint, it’s like a party whats not to love?!

The technique is pretty simple just dip the balloon in the paint and then squish onto the paper. It looks great if you layer colors but for some reason my kids chose one color each today and did not want to veer from that.

Mikey’s blue balloon paint looks almost like water or an ocean. I think we will collage some fish onto it later

Kaia of course chose her favorite color purple

And decided her picture would be only purple except for the red from the corks (I sneaked the red in there)

Beautiful, right?!


  1. So fun!! It is always fun to experiment with different painting instruments. Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  2. What a great idea to paint with balloons. We’ll have to try that!

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