Barney: Big World Adventure The Movie DVD- Review and Giveaway

Barney Big World Adventure the Movie DVD is pretty awesome. My kids love Barney and this DVD is no exception. Mikey and Kaia really liked the Hot air balloon and I liked that Kaia and Mikey got to see traveling and other areas of the World through this DVD.

Climb aboard a big balloon with Barney, Ben and Emma as they embark on a super-dee-duper world adventure! The friends visit everywhere they can imagine in this all-new movie! Together they encounter princesses and kings, musicians and magicians, puppeteers and artists across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. As the trio experiences new cultures and languages from around the world, Barney demonstrates the importance of the most universal language of all: friendship.

This new Movie DVD runs for about 59 minutes and can be played in English or Spanish!! There are also bonus features on this DVD.

Big Balloon Adventure Game
Learn How hot air balloons work
BJ’s Elephant Friend

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