Beachbody: Debbie Siebers’ Slim In 6- Review Week 5

Today I completed Week 5 of Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6. I have been doing the Burn It Up DVD. Which is definitely more intense then the first two DVD’s. It has some great exercises and keeps your heart rate up the whole time. While before I would switch between this routine and the Ramp it Up DVD I am sticking to just the Burn It up! now since it is decidedly more intense. I have been enjoying the Slim and Limber afterward. I kind of feel like I need it a little more now with this workout since I am working harder I need more of a stretch and I know it sounds kind of weird but doing the Slim and Limber reminds me almost of a day at the spa. I feel so refreshed and relaxed afterward I am ready to tackle the day. I love that little 15 minutes. Kaia actually likes doing the Slim and Limber routine with me since it has some nice Yoga and stretching she can easily do as well.

Above is my Before Pic 06/17/11
Starting Stats Weight Loss- Feb 2011:
Weight: 229.8
Upper Arms: 14.0
Chest: 45.0
Waist: 45.0
Hips: 48.5
Thighs: 25.5

Starting Stats for Slim in 6- June 17, 2011:

Current Stats:

Weight: 201.2
Upper Arms: 12.25
Chest: 42.0
Waist: 35.0
Hips: 45.0
Thighs: 24.0

Loss this week
Weight: 0
Upper Arms: 0
Chest: 0
Waist: 0
Hips: 0
Thighs: 0

Total Loss

Weight: 28.6
Upper Arms: 1.75 inches
Chest: 3 inches
Waist: 10 inches
Hips: 6.5 inches
Thighs: 3 inches

Buy It: You can purchase Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6 on the Beachbody site.

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  1. Michelle says:

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! Keep it up!! I just started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and I am so bored of it already, after reading your reviews I headed over to Amazon and purchased my own DVD set of Slim in 6. Thanks for posting your successes and struggles and AWESOME progress. :0) I totally agree that working out makes you feel so much better and have so much more energy. 🙂

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