BelliDeep Sippy Cup Holders and More!- Review and Giveaway plus DISCOUNT

Are you in need of a Sippy Cup holder? Do you have a child that is training for the Major Leagues of Sippy Cup throwing? I do. Mikey holds onto his sippy cup very well until he has finished all its contents and then away it goes. He has two approaches one is the “Show Off” he tosses his Sippy high and far with great technique showcasing his amazing throwing technique. The other is the “Stealth” move. This one is his sneaky move where he slyly and stealthly tosses his sippy cup in some bushes, or just gently tosses it on the ground as to not get my attention so that the sippy cup which is now rendered useless without any liquids in it will not be a hindrance by taking up much needed space. Well if any of this sounds familiar then you are in need of BelliDeep’s sippy cup holder. It holds onto your sippy cup and will save you lots of time, money, and embarrassment. Time because you will no longer have to go searching for a missing sippy cup, Money because you will not have to replace the magical disappearing sippy cup that is nowhere to be found even after searching every last square inch of the playground and Embarrassment because you will not have to apologize profusely and leave the playground in shame after your child threw his sippy cup at some unsuspecting parents head in one of his efforts of showcasing his “awesome skills”.

Fits all sippy cups and bottles, the non-slip silicone band adjusts to fit every cup and bottle,the coil tether stretches to an impressive 3 X its length to child, and the suction cup is applied to any flat surface that is clean, of course.

Uses: On standard plastic trays, highchair, strollers, car seats, tables and more…

Free Link Included: This link attaches to the bottom loop near the suction cup and convert the bungee to be used in single simple strollers and jogger strollers when a tray is not present or in a grocery cart.

ONLY Patent pending product that is completely flexible and adjust to any angle from applied surface to child. A gift that keeps on giving-pass it on when your done, I’m Green, recycle me! SAFE non-toxic material from top to bottom and that is applied in less than a second… and one handed while child is in the other, there aren’t enough hands sometimes to do it all.

Directions for Use- Take silicone band and slide it to the top of your cup or bottle and attach suction cup to a clean flat surface. To use the link, attach the link through the bottom loop and attach to anything else.

All bungees shipped within 24 hours of purchase

Nothing is better than pulling one of these out when you go on a trip or desire a cool diversion from the past. These were a favorite of me and my sister growing up. Rainbow Crayons have 5 colors in one! Each crayon stick is 2 1/2″L x 1/4″H. Sticks are easy to hold, can be used with rubbing plates. Primary crayon sticks are red, orange yellow, green, and purple. Bright crayon sticks are pink, lemon yellow, lime, sky blue and lilac. Non-toxic. These are sold as a set of 3 primary colored crayons.

Rainbow Crayons do not contain the following common allergens:

* Does not contain Latex
* Does not contain Dairy & Casein
* Does not contain Egg
* Does not contain Gluten
* Does not contain Peanut & Tree Nut
* Does not contain Soy

A Hug A Kiss and All My Love
When you are tiny nothing makes everything in the world right again like a hug, a kiss or just feeling loved my your mom and dad. Now that love comes in a pretty silver bag ready to be given out a just that perfect moment to remind your little one your always there waiting to fullfill that need. In each bag comes three pewter tokens–each reading a hug token, a kiss token, and love token. What could be more perfect at any age~

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Win It:One lucky reader will win two BelliDeep packaged Sippy Cup Holders and a pack of Rainbow Crayons.

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