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I adore Fairies. Ever since I was a little girl I have had a fascination with them I used to buy any book related to fairies I could find when I was younger. I have grown more selective with time. Best Fairy Books are really adorable books that deal with real issues (funny one’s) but real none the less. I remember when I was little my Mom used to tell me when that fairies played in my hair that’s why I would have knots in the morning. Well Kaia has been talking about her tangles lately so I read her the Knot fairy book she listened to the story and we played the CD (each of the fairy books comes with a CD) she sat quietly through it all and when it was over she said “ Well mommy that explains it, I know why I get tangles now”. I could not help but laugh, the Tangle or Knot fairy legacy lives on.

About The Knot Fairy
“Now I don’t know if this is true.
It was told to me and I’ll tell it to you…
It’s about a fairy with knots in her hair.
She visits children everywhere…”

This mischievous little fairy is dressed in her pajamas and fuzzy slippers. She visits children while they sleep and is responsible for the knots and tangles in their hair when they awaken. After all, who better to blame it on than a fairy?

Do your socks magically disappear? Do you wonder where they go? I am always curious where do my socks really go? Best Fairy Books have an explanation for this age old curiosity The Sock Fairy took them. This is a cute book with beautiful illustrations and a CD to go along with it. We have had a lot of fun reading this story and trying to count all the socks we see. This story is just so creative and adorable if you have ever questioned where your missing socks are the Sock Fairy is the book for you.

About The Sock Fairy

“You can close your door tightly,
even lock all the locks…
but this little fairy.
will still find your socks.”

This playful little fairy is responsible for lost socks, mismatched socks, and the occasional hole in the toe. This book solves the age-old mystery surrounding the whereabouts of missing socks. After all, who better to blame it on than a fairy?

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