Blubber Sensory Bag

Picture 405We have been talking about Ocean Animals and how they stay warm. The topic of blubber came up so I decided to make the kids a blubber bag. First I had Mikey stick his hand in the icy cold water. We talked about how it felt and about how is hand has lots of bones and skin but not much fat.

Picture 408I used 2 gallon size ziploc bags, duct tape, and some really cheap shortening. The ingredients were listed as animal fat. No explanation as to what type of animal. But I guess that is what we want,  right?  Blubber is animal fat.

Picture 407Her e is the bag all nice and pretty.

Picture 410Then after he dried his hand we tried again with the blubber bag.

Picture 412Big difference his hand stayed warm. He could not feel the cold through all the blubber.

Picture 413
Materials Needed:
2 quantity resealable baggies Gallon Size
duct tape
Shortening like Crisco or Lard
Big Bowl full of ice and ice water

1. Add your shortening to one of the baggies fill it maybe half way.
2. Place the other baggie inside that bag on top on the shoprtening.
3. Fold the inner baggie over and push out all the air between the bags before you seal them.
4. Seal baggies together with tape on the top. I like to fold over the ziploc seal part and tape that down.

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