Boat Making- What Floats?

We spent the morning making boats. I set out different materials including, Styrofoam egg cartons, craft foam, pipe cleaners, tape, cork, chopsticks, craft sticks, and cut up pieces of a pool noodle. You maybe asking yourself why is Mikey nudey? He spends most of his time time way if you look away for even a second I guarantee you he will have stripped down to his undies or maybe less…

The kids tried out their creations in the water table

The corks were a huge hit which surprised me a little.

I did not have any floating people or people who would not sink the kids boats just because of their weight. The kids wanted people for their boats so we have a ton of corks so I drew faces on the corks with different emotions.

The kids LOVED these and made up stories as to why the people were feeling these emotions. I made two of each face/ emotion the kids even started matching them up. It just goes to show you some of the best toys are free!


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