BottomZz Up Potty Training Tool Kit Review
Traditional potty training can be time consuming, messy, expensive and stressful (and that’s just for the parents)!!? Save your sanity, your wallet and the environment with the revolutionary NEW potty training system from BottomZz Up!

How is it different? BottomZz Up is the only potty training system that allows toddlers to feel the discomfort of their accidents! The 100% cotton potty training underwear features proprietary technology that lets kids feel wet when they are wet, while trapping the pee to prevent leaks and messy clean ups. Perfect for families on-the-go, BottomZz Up offers the consistency, routine and encouragement kids need, day and night, home or out on the town.

The simple, all in one BottomZz Up Potty Training Tool Kit includes everything parents need to smoothly transition a toddler to big kid underpants with Encouragement, Participation and Celebration!

This honestly is the absolute best way to potty train kids successfully. I have potty trained hundreds of kids, no joke. I was a Preschool Teacher for over 10 years and in that time I worked primarily with 2,3, and 4 year olds. I have never and will never recommend pullups. I know their are people who swear by them but I do not. It takes longer to potty train kids, they aren’t good for the environment, and most kids just pee in them because they can;t feel the difference anyway. Kids need to feel the discomfort of having soiled clothing so that they can understand cause and effect and how their bodies are functioning. Pullups absorb what goes into them leaving a child to feel relatively dry that is why it usually takes much longer to potty train using them. I always recommended padded underwear. It was not a perfect solution but it was a solution. Children learned very quickly using this technique. Although it was messy and we went through a lot of outfits. BottomZz Up solves this problem. While your child will feel wet their clothing will not get wet. This is the best solution I have seen to the Potty Training Dilemma. I will be recommending it to all the families of the children I help potty train. My only recommendation to BottomZz Up would be to offer the  underwear  in different sizes. Kids come in different sizes so having size 2,3 and 4 available would help accommodate everyone.
Complete Starter Kit Includes:

・ 3 Pairs of BottomZz Up potty training underwear

・ 6 Absorbent inserts

・ 1 Washable travel bag

・ 1 Colorful reward chart

・ 1 Month supply of stickers

・ 1 Graduation certificate

・ 100% Cotton and Machine washable

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Disclaimer: I received the BottomZz Up Potty Training Tool Kit for review purposes. All my opinions are my own.




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