Okay my beautiful and amazing readers. I have an exciting proposition for you. I REALLY want to review a Bounce House and I am sure you REALLY want to win a Bounce house. So lets do this together. Whoever has the most likes on the Facebook wall will host their next giveaway/review. Deadline is 2/15/11. So here is my propostion go onto the Facebook wall and “LIKE” my stunning Familylicious button by clicking on the “Like” tab under my Familylicious Logo button you can leave a comment underneath stating how fabulous and amazing my blog is if you like this is not required but if you feel the need its much appreciated=). Any way for the simple act of clicking the “like” under my logo you can have 10 (ten) extra entries on any of my giveaways. And when I hopefully get to review an amazing Bounce House you can have an extra ten entries then too for participating now!

You guys are awesome and I know we can do this together!



  1. done and done thank you for the extra entries!


    done and thanks!

    Oh, be sure to see if there are any BAPA issues with the bounce houses.

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