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With school starting comes the inevitable school germs, my least favorite being the tummy bug. I have actually been really lucky Kaia had only had the tummy bug once until recently. We went to a playdate and afterwards she came down with a super yucky tummy bug which of course also got Mikey sick. Neither one of them would eat anything. I am so thankful that I had the BRAT Diet drink on hand for review. I am well versed in the ways of the BRAT Diet
having taught preschool I have had my fair share of tummy bugs. Its harder with the kids because when they aren’t feeling well they just won’t eat at all and when they are losing fluids like you do with tummy bugs they need to be taking something in. The BRAT Diet helps to not only keep the kids hydrated it also soothes and settles their tummies. Both my kids loved the BRAT Diet drinks and continue to drink them now even though they don’t have tummy issues anymore. Since the BRAT Diet is a non-dairy drink it is great for the kids all the time. I love that it is Organic and not only beneficial for those achy tummies but good for all the time use as well.

At last! A deliciously creamy, non dairy wellness drink for kids and grown ups alike. Inspired by the tummy-settling principles of the B.R.A.T. diet, Organic B.R.A.T.™ feel better drinks are formulated with ingredients that settle an upset stomach and help to calm vomiting & diarrhea while also naturally restoring electrolytes and nutrients.

Free of pesticides, the common allergens and any added sugar, Organic B.R.A.T.™ feel better drink is an all-natural and tasty way to to settle an upset stomach and aid in rehydration. With four delicious flavors to choose from, Organic B.R.A.T.™ feel better drinks are perfect for children and adults suffering from a variety of ailments such as:

•the flu virus
•digestive disorders
•morning sickness
•chemotherapy side effects
•food allergies
•symptoms of dehydration

This diet has been historically used for people who don’t feel well due to an upset stomach or tummy ache. Some doctors recommend a less strict version of the B.R.A.T diet to settle an upset stomach. Either way, Organic B.R.A.T.™ feel better drink is the perfect complement to whatever diet recommendations your doctor prescribes. We’ve added electrolytes to aid in re-hydration as well as calcium and vitamins to help build strength and promote health. Organic B.R.A.T.™ feel better drink can be enjoyed any time! Because Organic B.R.A.T.™ feel better drink is Lactose, Gluten, Soy, Corn, and Casein free, anyone with these restrictions can enjoy Organic B.R.A.T.™ feel better drink regularly.

B.R.A.T. is an acronym for:





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This was not a paid post my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review and giveaway.
Good Luck!

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