Bringing Home Baby Event: Baby Alert International SmartClip System- Review and Giveaway

One of my biggest fears after Kaia was born was that I would accidentally somehow leave her in the car. I actually would have nightmares about it. Thankfully I have never left her or Mikey in the car. But it is an ongoing fear of mine. What if for some reason I got distracted or forgot? You would think by now this phobia would go away but, No. I still worry and having another baby makes me worry even more. The Baby Alert International SmartClip System can give some piece of mind. I think many first time parents have the same fear and some parents like me never lose that fear. Hopefully the alarm will never go off on my Baby Alert International SmartClip System but I love knowing it’s there and that should I forget it is there as my backup reminder.

The ChildMinder® Smart Clip System with Single-Unit Key Ring Alarm Unit is typically for households with only one child (ages 0-6 years) in a car safety seat.

The ChildMinder Smart Clip System should greatly reduce the opportunity for a child to be inadvertently left unattended in a motor vehicle while fastened in a child safety seat. The smart clip is deactivated upon unfastening.

The ChildMinder system performs a self-test upon each use to insure its proper functioning.

The ChildMinder system reminds the parent/caregiver with an alarm six seconds after the parent/caregiver has moved more than 15 feet from the child in the child safety seat.

The ChildMinder system even serves to remind the parent/caregiver of the child’s presence even when the parent/caregiver has inadvertently forgotten the key ring until the smart clip is deactivated.

The ChildMinder system installation takes less than three minutes. Simply replace your child’s safety seat chest clip with the ChildMinder system’s smart clip and place the key ring alarm unit on your automotive key ring.

The ChildMinder system will not compromise the integrity your existing child safety seat.

Instruction Manual:

Cick here to download the instruction manual for the ChildMinder Smart Clip System.

Product Details:

• Digital wireless technology

• Easy installation

• Automatic self-off for battery conservation

• Dual low battery indicator system

• Moisture resistant

• 7 Day Money Back Guarantee!

• 1 Year Unconditional Warranty!

System Package [001] Includes:

• Smart Clip

• 2-AAA Batteries for Smart Clip

• 1-Sony CR2450 Lithium Battery for Key Ring

• Single-Unit Key Ring Alarm Unit

Buy It: Visit the Baby Alert International site to purchase the Baby Alert International SmartClip System as well as other great products.

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