Bringing Home Baby Event: baby deedee Sleep Nest Lite- Review and Giveaway

I don’t know about you but after my babies are born for the first couple of weeks Idon’t really sleep. I just lay there in bed watching them sleep making sure that they are still breathing. I am constantly worried if they are warm enough, but I am afraid of blankets what if a loose blanket went astray and covered my babies face. Because of my worries I only use baby sleep sacks those first few months. I found a fantastic sleep sack that is made of the softest jersey fabric! So it doesn’t get baby to hot or too cold in fact you can use this sleep nest all year round! Now that we have a baby deedee sleep nest lite sleep sack, my baby can have the benefit of a blanket, and I don’t need to worry about any stray blankets, my baby will be safe and cozy!
I love that the baby deedee baby sleeping bagcomes in 3 different sizes so that even older babies can benefit from the sleep sack. The Sleep Nest lite comes in a super soft Jersey fabric and has snaps that make it easy to put on your baby. The original baby deedee sleepnest comes in a magnificent comfy quilted material kind of like a duvet. The over-sized zipper is perfect for no hassle diaper changes. Check out the glow in the dark zipper I think that may be one of the coolest things ever. It only comes on the white sleep nest so if it something you are looking for go for gender neutral it works better for hand me downs anyway! The baby deedee sleepnest is soft fantastic and definitely something my baby will be wearing often!

About the baby deedee sleep nest lite

The quality of your baby’s sleep is fundamental to her and to your family’s well being. Baby deedee contributes to better sleep by keeping babies and toddlers warm and comforted in the crib, without any baby blanket being kicked off. The sleep nest lite is a lightweight baby sleeping bag (also called slumber sack or baby sleep sack). It is intended to be worn over your baby’s regular sleepwear and replaces traditional blankets. Its double layered jersey cotton makes it perfect for warmer climates.

Introducing our newest baby deedee, the sleep nest lite. Double layered, super soft, lightweight cotton jersey sleep sacks, designed to keep baby comfortable in warmer climates.

Snap, snap, zip asleep
Shoulder snaps and oversized reverse zipper make it easy to place baby in the sleep nest lite, even when asleep. This patented design is exclusive to baby deedee sleeping bags.

Use it year round!
Perfect weight for air-conditioned rooms and warmer winter nurseries.

No more struggling with the zipper at bedtime!
Glow-in-the dark zipper makes it easy to open and close the sleep nest without flipping on the light.

Night Light
Make sure baby is sleeping on her back by checking in with the glow in the dark zipper.

One of a kind
The baby deedee quilted baby sleeping bag is truly unique.

Baby deedee glow-in-the-dark-zipper produces a very soft,gentle glow so it will not be a distraction even for older babies.

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