Bringing Home Baby Event: Babymoon Pillow- Review and Giveaway

You know I love versatile baby gear. I am always looking for baby products that last longer than just a few months. When I found Babymoon Pillows I knew I had found something great. The Babymoon Pillow was created to help prevent “flat head syndrome”. I think we have all seen babies who have had this. It was a constant worry of mine. I was always turning my kids heads trying to make sure that they would not get this. Well now there is a pillow that can help. The best part is that the Babymoon Pillow can help with “flat head syndrome” while still looking like just a cute piece of baby gear and then after the worry or potential for “flat head syndrome” has passed it can be repurposed as a super cute and cuddly neck pillow. I love neck pillows for myself and for my kids. Especially in the car these are such a life saver. When the kids fall asleep I like them to be comfortable and when using a neck pillow their heads stay more stable and are in a better position for comfort.

As parents, we are trained from the beginning of our children’s lives that putting baby to sleep on his or her back is the best way to ensure their safety. But during a child’s first year, the head is so soft that too much consistent pressure on the back of the skull could eventually lead to plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrome. Prevention is the key to stopping flat head syndrome before it starts. Cushion and support your baby’s fragile developing head with the Baby Moon Pillow. The circular opening of this versatile and soft pillow cradles the back of the head to provide comfortable placement and optimal head positioning, and is ideal for use when babe is lying down, in the baby swing or bouncer, or as a neck support in their stroller.


unique circular shape makes for the ultimate in versatility
can be used from 0-12 months of age
aids in preventing flat head syndrome by slightly raising baby’s head off of any hard surfaces
offers neck support while riding in the stroller, swinging in the baby swing, or relaxing in the bouncer
the soft padding, and gentle pastel colors will match all the baby equipment you already own
CPSIA compliant
approximately 9″ x 8.5″ x 2″

How to Use: Head Support (recommended 0-6mo of age)

The two arms can be attached to make a head support. Simply overlap the ends of the right arm (hook-and-loop fastener arm) and the left arm. The hook-and-loop fastener under the right arm sticks to the white portion on the upper side of the left arm to create a secure attachment which prevents the head from falling through the opening. The circular opening of the pillow cradles the back of the head while providing comfortable placement and optimal positioning. The length of the white portion allows the pillow to be adjusted to various sizes.

How to Use: Neck Support (recommended 6-12mo of age)

Once the two arms are detached, the hook-and-loop fastener should be covered with the Peak-a-Boo cover located on the upper side of the right arm. The Peak-a-Boo cover is the self-fabric flap which should be turned inside out to hide the hook-and-loop fastener in order to avoid irritation to the skin.

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