Bringing Home Baby Event: BUGGYLOVE ORGANIC STROLLER CLEANING KIT (RV $50)- Review and Giveaway

Why BUGGYLOVE? In response to the blatant industry “green washing” and prevalent, misleading labeling practices, BUGGYLOVE has chosen to refuse the use of logos on our labels that have nothing to do with the authentic, sustainable principals of organic growing and processing methodologies.

“Are BUGGYLOVE products organic?”

Any company that wishes to be genuinely “organic” must first strive to go back to Nature and to discover what it is to be sustainable. Observe systems that naturally self-perpetuate and harness the pure qualities of non-chemical treated life to achieve results that Mother Nature would be proud of.

Being “organic” also demands considerations for fair trade, social justice, vegetarian/vegan, biodynamic, permaculture, transitional organic and ethical wildcrafting (to name a few) sustainable and ethical methodologies.

“Natural” products and brands, though safer than the harsh alternatives, still contain many of the toxins and harmful ingredients we list below. Because of “green wash” marketing, the consumer is appallingly misled and unknowingly invests in products that still contain levels of toxins. We choose to not participate in these deceitful business practices, and caution consumers to understand that Natural + Green + Eco-Friendly will never ever = Organic!

I was sent the above BUGGYLOVE Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit. Since Winkles (Kaia’s name for the Baby) is the third child he is inheriting his fair share of hand me downs. Mikey and even Kaia had hand me downs but for Winkles this means that he is getting everything the third time around if not more.

While all the products in this kit are fantastic my favorite by far is the Fabriclove I wish they sold it by the gallon I am already ready for a new bottle. It is amazing it REALLY works, smells incredible and I have been using it on everything!

Our Snap N Go is well loved. It has been through more than three children. It still works very well but it is definitely not clean nor is it new.

It is hard to see in the pictures but trust me the difference in person is striking. The handle bar was covered in sticky “guckyness” to quote my daughter. Gucky= Gross and yucky all in one. After using the PureLove the handlebar sparkled and was no longer sticky or “gucky”.

While the wheels are so old that I think the only way to make them look new would be to replace them the Purelove cleaned the breaks, metal support pieces and wheels themselves.

I used the WheeleLove to lubricate the wheels. It actually made a huge difference the stroller itself is easier to push and definitely a smoother ride now.

And now with everything all nice and sparkly I used the FreshLove on the basket to finish the whole cleaning session. Now the stroller is ready for Winkles it is nice and clean and smells amazing.

Okay now remember when I said Winkles is getting lots of hand me downs. He is also getting the pack n play that Kaia and Mikey and my friends baby used before him. The Pack n play itself is pretty clean but for some reason in storage over the past 2 years it got these rust colored stains on the side. I have been unsure what to use to get them clean until now. I can’t throw the pack n play in the wash and I was afraid of using harsh chemicals so here comes the BUGGYLOVE Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit to the rescue.

I used the FabricLove cleaner with the microfiber cloth to apply and rub in the FabricLove.

IT WORKED!!! I left some of the marking so you could see the difference where I had cleaned the entire pack n play is perfectly clean and smelling amazing! I LOVE these products and highly recommend them to everyone!!!

Buy It: Visit the BUGGYLOVE site to purchase any of the great BUGGYLOVE products. FOR A SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT, ENTER CODE: sharethelove

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