Bringing Home Baby Event: Cuddletunes (RV$60)- Review and Giveaway

Most of the items I have chosen for the Bringing Home Baby Gift Guide have to do with mom and baby. But truthfully they are not the only two involved when bringing home baby are they? Especially when siblings are involved, Winkles is going to have two of the best siblings ever. Mikey and Kaia never spend the night at anyone’s house. In fact they have really never spent any serious amount of time away from us. So I know that when they stay at their Grandparents while I am in the hospital with the baby it will be hard on them. So I have been trying to think of a way to make it easier on them. Cuddletunes had the answer. While they will have things from home like favorite books, cuddley blankets etc I think what will help them the most is their Cuddletunes bear. Right now I have it where the bear just plays some favorite songs. When they go to their Grandparents I want it to be a surprise that their Cuddletunes bear will play a message from Mike and Myself. I think it will definitely make staying at Grandma and Papa’s much easier. My kids love their Grandparents and love spending time with them but I know after one night it will be hard and I know I will be having a c-section this time (I had and emergency c-section with Kaia and Mikey so this time we are planning ahead) so I want my kiddos to have the smoothest transition possible.

Cuddletunes produces the Cuddlebear, the world’s only teddy bear that keeps families connected through music, stories and voice. Families will love the Cuddlebear because it uses accessible technology that is easy to navigate, and it will let them interact with their little ones even if they can’t always be close by!

Cuddletunes allows users a simple way to create a personalized “soundtrack” for their favorite small child to fall asleep to every night, or play with and learn from during the day. The Cuddlebear comes pre-loaded with five personalized lullabies and incorporates something special – the ability for users to download their own voices directly to the bear – reading stories, singing songs, leaving affirmations or loving messages. Parents, grandparents, family and friends can record messages for the bear anytime, from anywhere. You simply then sync the bear on your computer and all of the content is at your child’s fingertips.

Think about a Cuddlebear like the Sleep Sheep, but with the ability to add music, language CD’s, stories, songs and messages from important people in your circle.

The bear is a plush and snuggly 9.5 inches with a high end MP3 player and speaker built inside. It holds hours of content and has a soft, durable exterior. Buttons sewn into the feet make it easy for even the youngest children to find their favorite “tracks.” Better than using phone or computer to connect with small children, Cuddletunes provides a revolutionary way to use modern technology to stay close and connected from down the street or around the world.

The Cuddlebear can find a good home in all families – from deployed military parents to business frequent flyers; grandparents who live in a different city, families separated by illness, and anyone who just wants their kids to sleep easier each night. Specifically we’ve been able to support our military community as soldiers deploy and want to stay connected with their families.

Go ahead and try it out now — it’s free!

Kaia and Mikey LOVE their Cuddletunes bear. they take turns getting to sleep with it at night!

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  1. I love that it can hold so much music on it!!

  2. I love that it gives you the ability to record your own voice; would be perfect for our daughter if her daddy were to ever be deployed.

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  4. You can record your voice.

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