I love cloth diapers. There are so many reasons to cloth diaper, the reason why I cloth diaper though is because I love seeing my babies in the cutest comfiest diapers possible. It just makes sense for use especially financially. Just look at this adorable Glow Bug Cloth Diaper, Can’t you just imagine baby Winkles in it? I can it makes me want him here that much sooner just to see his cute little bottom in this fantastic diaper.

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers come with two inserts so you can double up at night time. There are gussets on the sides to help keep the mess contained and I love that the inserts snap into the diaper so you don’t have to worry about shifting during play.

This Glow Bug Cloth Diaper will fit him as a newborn AND as a toddler! I don’t know of any disposable that can offer that kind of versatility. While this time around I will only be diapering one baby. When I had Mikey, Kaia was still in diapers so one size fits all cloth diapers were the only kind I used. It made my life so much easier. No matter what diaper was in the diaper bag I knew it would fit either kiddo. Believe me that was priceless and came in handy many times.

Here you can see where the insert snaps into the diaper to hold it in place. There is also a fold that goes over so that the diaper stays soft and comfy on baby’s bottom.

This is the diaper my newborn will wear. You can see how small it becomes. It is perfect for my babies little bottom. The fabric prints Glow Bug Cloth Diapers use are absolutely adorable there is not one that I don’t absolutely love! If prints are not your thing though Glow Bug Cloth Diapers does have solid colors for the more gender neutral baby. Although looking at their prints even though there are ones specifically for girls or boys I think most would work for either one.

Okay let’s talk closures! Honestly I really only like snaps. I have converted all of my diapers with the aplix (Velcro) type closure. Personally I am not a fan at all. I found that aplix not only does not last as long. It ruins the diaper itself. I know there are some that love aplix, I am just not among them. Snaps are more convenient as far as I am concerned. They hold very well are neat and clean and keep the diaper looking good. You don’t have to worry about prepping the aplix in the wash. Snaps take no prepping just through the diaper in. Same goes for the dryer. You also don’t have to spend countless hours cleaning out the aplix tabs to keep them working.

We talked about why I love snaps. Here is one more reason and a snap design you need to look for. Not all snap closure diapers are created equal. While this may seem an obvious statement, below you can see why I love this configuration so much. Once your child has soiled their diaper you need to stick it in a wet bag. Now you can fold it twist it tie it in a knot, do whatever you like chances are at some point it will open up in the wet bag and you will be fishing out some gross diapers covered in muck. Well with the reverse snaps on the side you can close your diaper tight it will not open until you want it opened keeping all the contents hidden within. This keeps your diaper wet bag cleaner and your end of day clean up much more pleasant!

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