Bringing Home Baby Event: Lille by Bebe Au Lait- Quib Review

I have sort of a love hate relationship with bibs. First it has been almost impossible to find the right bib. Most of the cute little ones you find are just that cute and little. They are drool bibs at best and most don’t do a sufficient job at that. Next as far as closure goes they are almost all lacking. I remember both Mikey and Kaia tugging so hard on the neck of their bibs to get them off, until eventually their mission was complete the bib was off and in a messy heap on my floor. And lastly if somehow you do find the “right” bib which is ample in size, coverage, absorbancy, closure apparatus the bib itself is usually not so cute. UNTIL NOW! Lille by Bebe Au lait has created the ultimate Bib or “ Quibs” should I say. This is no ordinary bib in fact it is four bibs in one. YES, you heard that right four bibs in one! I used to go through multiple bibs during each feeding. Not any more as you can see not only are Quibs a fantastic size you can see them on 3 year old Mikey below.

They are an ample size, have great absorbancy and are so incredibly cute. They are from Bebe au lait after all!

They have a magnetic front closure, so no tugging at the neck

The bib is easy to put on and has a soft terry cloth on one side and a soft cute print fabric on the other side

(Sorry I could not get a picture with his eyes open)
Here is the other side there are four options so really four bibs in one to keep going. Best yet this bib can store on your fridge! That’s right. keep it close at hand the magnetic closure keeps this bib sticking to your fridge until you need it!

Buy It: Visit bebe au lait site to purchase any of the great Lille products like Quibs .

This was not a paid post my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review


  1. I love these bibs!

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