Bringing Home Baby Event: Snuggy Baby Sling- Review and $75 Gift Code Giveaway

What kind of Bringing Home Baby event would this be without a Ring Sling ? I love baby wearing I believe it is something all Mom’s and Dad’s should do at the very least for their newborns. I personally baby wear until my babies are not exactly babies anymore. Mikey still gets worn and even occasionally Kaia. I have found some beautiful ring slings on the Snuggy Baby site. So you know I am a baby wearing Mama but why? There are so many benefits to baby wearing you can find some HERE. I love wearing my babies and they love being worn. I like my Snuggy Baby ring sling because it is so comfortable and well made I can actually still wear Kaia (35lbs), she is 5 and it is rare I should need to. I love that the option is still there just in case we have a late night out etc. Mikey at 3 years old loves going in the sling. And of course Baby Winkles will be in the sling the most because “Every baby needs a sling. Every mom deserves one.” I love this quote from the Snuggy Baby site. It doesn’t matter which kiddo I am wearing this sling is super comfy and easy to wear Mikey and Kaia love it and I know Winkles will to. It brings us closer together and makes us all happy. The fabric is strong AND fashionable! The stitching and rings are perfect. This is one of the best made ring slings I own. Also my Snuggy Baby sling has great length. I like my ring slings to have a long tail (the part that hangs down) for breast feeding and sleepy babies. I have found it is easy to shorten (tie a knot in) the tail but length is something you can’t get back. So I am really impressed by the Snuggy Baby design it has excellent comfort for you and your little one, style, and utility. A Snuggy Baby Ring Sling is a must have for all Baby wearing Mama’s and Papa’s, it would make an excellent Baby Shower gift!

I am a work at home mom with a beautiful snuggy baby and 2 amazing preschoolers. When my first daughter was born, I could not find any place to buy a sling, so I learned how to make them. I received so many comments and compliments about my slings that I decided that every mom needed to be able to get a sling. So I started Snuggy Baby to make it easier for moms to find beautiful, comfortable slings that they would love.

It didn’t happen overnight, in fact, I changed the design of my Ring Sling many times before I came across the perfect balance of fashion and comfort. My first summer, I wore my 20 pound Snuggy Baby for 6 hours straight every week standing on concrete at a local outdoor market and continued to carry my 3 year old around in a sling. No way I could do this without an extremely comfortable sling. I built the perfect Ring Sling for myself, and I would love to share it with you.

What started as an idea to offer 6 different prints of ring slings has grown into a large babywearing business offering several styles of carriers and wet bags. Take a look around. I hope that you find something that you love.

Got Messes?? Keep them contained. Wet Bags are the perfect solution for all kinds of messes. They have a waterproof liner sewn inside to keep your mess from growing. Just throw you messy clothes into the wet bag and you will keep from contaminating everything else. Then throw the wet bag and all into the laundry. This is the easiest solution for your messes. Wet bags are a must for cloth diapers, diaper explosions, potty training accidents, and messy clothes. They are also great to throw in a gym bag or take to the beach for your wet, sandy, or sweaty clothes. You can even use them as a reusable lunch bag or a make-up bag. The outside layer is made of cotton prints. The inside layer is PUL (polyurethane laminate), the same stuff they make diaper covers out of. You know if it can contain those messes it can contain anything. The 2 layers are sewn separately to prevent wicking and surged for the greatest strength and durability.It also include a 6 inch handle that snaps open and closed to make it easier to attatch to something if you want to hang your bag. These wet bags are a must have for all parents, grandparents, athletes, and anyone else who ever makes a mess. They make great gifts.

SnuggyBaby Baby Wraps are made with 100% cotton knit fabric. This is a much more supportive material than your average wrap. When I designed my wraps, I heard over and over again the number one complaint about stretchy wraps, the fact that they sag once the baby reachs 15 lbs. I went on a long search going through several different fabric suppliers and samples of different fabrics until I found a soft stretchy knit fabric that provided all of the benefits of a comfortable stretchy wrap, but still remained supportive enough for larger babies.

This baby carrier is completely adjustable so one size fits all. It works between various care givers of all body types. Because you create a custom fit every time you tie it on, the wrap grows with your child, ensuring that they get a comfortable secure fit from the time that they come home until you are ready to stop carrying them (generally around 35 lbs. or 3 years).

Snuggy Baby Mei Tais are the first Snuggy Baby product designed for front and back carries. They are designed to distribute the weight of your baby over both shoulders making it even easier to carry heavier babies and toddlers. It just would not be a Snuggy Baby product without the fun, fashionable prints.

Snuggybaby Doll Slings are the perfect size for toddlers through 5 years old. A baby doll sling makes a great big sister gift. This is the perfect present to give a new big sister. She will be able to care for her dolls just like mommy is taking care of the new baby. Although this sling is perfect for carrying that one special doll, or a whole team of friends, it is not made to support any live friends. It is not suitable for carrying pets or babies.

Buy It: You can purchase Snuggy Baby Ring Slings, wet bags, doll slings, mei tais, and wraps on the Snuggy Baby site. Use Coupon Code code FAMILY to get 10% off of your order on the Snuggy Baby website! Hurry Coupon Code expires 08/31/2012.
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