Bubble Playdate

We made colorful bubble pictures by adding liquid watercolors to one of my bubble recipes. You can find a link to my recipes at the bottom of this post.

We put papers under the cups of bubbles and handed the kids straws they then blew bubbles creating colorful bubble prints on the papers below.

I bought a cheap hula hoop at the Dollar Tree and covered it in thick rope. I first tied a knot and then wrapped the rope around and around the hula hoop until it was completely covered and then I tried the rope off.

The kids first tried making giant bubbles on their own with the giant bubble blower.

And then they got brave enough to go inside. They could have just stepped inside the pool of bubbles.

However, if your bubble.solution gets to dirty it doesn’t work as well so we put a tub for them to step into to keep our bubble solution as clean as possible.

Even the adults had to try it out. Seriously being surrounded by a bubble, that’s pretty awesome.

The bubbles were amazing and huge!

Everyone had to have a turn going inside a huge bubble

Sometimes two kids at a time.

Even when someone was not inside the bubble pool it was being used to make Giant Bubbles.

And then the kids started putting themselves in bubbles by pulling the hula hoop up over their heads.

Which were awesome!

The pool noodles became bubble blowers too.

More giant bubbles.

By lifting the bubble blower up catching air and putting it down again they were able to create big bubbles in the pool.

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To make the Large bubble Blower- Just wrap fabric or rope (that’s what I used) around a cheap hula hoop. Thats it! It was super simple!

I had a ton of other bubble blowing activities actually we made all the recipes from my Bubble;e Recipe page but the Giant Bubbles became the main attraction!

Check out my giant bubble blower herePicture 377


  1. What better playdate could there possibly be?! Fun seems to be an understatement here.

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