Bug Party

Mikey wanted a Bug Party for his 2nd Birthday so I did what I could to create the buggiest party ever. Yummy cookies and cream cupcakes some with worms some with a snail (mini oreo on top)
and Dirt Cups too, of course
Each of the kids got a bug catcher, magnifying glass, and net.
We released 1,500 ladybugs
We set out real bugs (Ladybugs), tons of plastic bugs, rock bugs (I hand painted) and other goodies out for the kids to find and collect.

Lindsay Bug!
I had head bands, pipe cleaners, and other goodies out so the kids could make their own antenae

I made buggy clips for the girls (lady bugs and bumblebees)  and antennae making so everyone could not only catch bugs but become bugs too!
Bug catchers and nets for all the kiddos to collect their insects
And the snack table
Click on the picture to see all my labels  I gave all the snacks bug related titles so they worked with the theme
I tried to get a little creative with the naming of what we had like fruit roll ups were Fly Paper etc.
Their were a ton of snacks that all were devoured by the end of the party
I made the strawberry grape kabobs that morning they were a huge hit
Yummy strawberries and grapes
More cute snacks
It was a wonderful day and we had such a wonderful time. We are so thankful we have such fantastic friends and Family to spend the day with.

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