Cape Cod Potato Chips Review

Mike loves his snack food. We pack a lunch for him every day to take to work to help save money. Just because we are trying to save money doesn’t mean Mike goes without. Quite the contrary he always packs chips as a snack. He is VERY particular about which chips he packs. If I get the wrong kind he will not eat it. One of his absolute favorite chips are the Sweet Mesquite Barbeque Cape Cod Potato Chips. I tried them and they really are unbelieveably good and super addictive. I could not simply eat one. I really enjoyed Cape Cod Potato Chips 40% Reduced Fat Chips they do not taste like a reduced fat chip at all. I also really liked the Cape Cod Popcorn. I thought it was really good. I am a popcorn kind of girl. It really is my snack food of choice. Well we did get to try quite a few Cape Cod Potato Chips and we enjoyed every single one of them. They are excellent potato chips. I love how crunchy they are. They are fantastic for dipping too!

About Cape Cod Potato Chips
Cape Cod Potato Chips began as the dream of Steve and Lynn Bernard. They imagined a small operation where they could produce and sell the potato chips they had cooked in their kitchen for years. On July 4, 1980 that dream became a reality when they set up shop in a small store front in Hyannis. The big crunch of the kettle cooked chips soon became a local favorite. News of the chips quickly spread as tourist sampled the chips and took bags home to share. The business soon grew out of the store-front and a worldwide love affair with our natural snacks began.

In the subsequent years since the Bernard’s set out to achieve their dream, Cape Cod Potato Chips legendary crunch has made them a classic on the Cape and around the world. We use only premium ingredients beginning with fresh east coast potatoes shipped in daily from our farmers’ fields. We still cook our chips the old fashioned way, in small kettles that allow careful monitoring of flavor, texture and quality.

We have expanded our snack offerings to include our popular Reduced Fat variety as well as over a half dozen potato chip flavors, popcorn, tortilla chips and salsa. No matter what the variety, we maintain the tradition of using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients in all of our snacks.

The public’s love of our snacks inspired us to open our factory doors for tours in 1985. Since then the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour has become the areas largest tourist attraction, hosting over 250,000 visitors annually! The next time you visit the Cape, we invite you to stop in, take the tour and say hello.

Buy It: You can find places to purchase Cape Cod Potato Chips snack foods on the Cape Cod Potato Chips site.

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