Nature Themed Art

We gave the kids Pieces of tree bark as their canvas. They then chose from different natural items they helped collect to make beautiful natural art.
Picture 489
We talked about making self portraits and so that is what they made!
Picture 560
They turned out amazing!
Picture 561 Picture 562

Can Roll Painting

Materials Needed:
Can with label peeled off (empty or full…up to you)
tray- I used a baking sheet

Place a few drops of paint on the paper.

Have the childrenroll the can over their paint and paper. Smooshing the paint and creating a print.

Ping Pong Ball Blow Painting

Materials Needed:
A tray (I used a baking sheet)
ping pong balls

Place a few drops of paint on the paper. Put the ping pong ball on the paper. And hand your kiddo a straw. Let them blow the ping pong ball in the direction they want it to roll.

Watch as colors mix and fun ensues.

Snap Painting

Materials Needed:
A tray I used a baking sheet

Have the children paint the rubberbanhs. They can use a paint brush sponge or their fingers to do this.

Once the rubberbands have paint on them pull them back and snap them to make a print.

Or you can put little dots or dabs of paint under the rubberband and snap the rubberband on them.

Fairy Watching Binoculars

Disclaimer: I received a gift card from Jo Ann Fabric and Craft stores to help with purchasing the products to create this craft.


Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores is one of my favorite places to shop. This summer they a fantastic program that has 72 wonderful Summer Crafts. These ideas are spectacular on their own but I like to put my own twist on things. When I saw the Binoculars project I knew it would be a fun project to work on with my kiddos.

We make binoculars every summer. They are fun and easy. Jo-Anns came up with a super simple way to make soft fun binoculars. I love it and it made me start thinking we need to make our binocular making to the next level. Jo-Anns has a ton of really cute craft foam in different colors and prints. I fell in love with this scrapbook paper. It is glittery and iridescent and it does not flake. Meaning the little glitter bits don”t come off with rubbing etc. This is important to me since the binoculars will be next to their eyes.

I started with two toilet paper rolls. We always have a ready supply of those. I cut my paper to the right length using the toilet paper tube as my guide. I then did a mock roll and cut the paper to the right width. You can use your first piece as a guide to make your second. I then glued the piece of cut scrapbook paper to the roll. Once that was done I glued the other end to itself. I also used glitter ribbon. I love it I got some that is self sticking and some that needs glue to stick. I love both I am totally sold on using this for craft projects it is so pretty!

Now its time to glue any other paper embellishments that will be going around the roll completely. Once that is done. Glue the rolls together to create your binoculars. You can now glue on any other goodies you would like attached. Like rhinestones, flowers, stickers etc. Once you are done doing this punch a hole in each of the outer sides of the binoculars to connect your neck strap.

In the Jo-Anns version of this project they use some cording. I wanted ours to be different. So I started thinking maybe ribbon or rickrack. And then I thought mardi gras beads. I just cut the beads. One cut anywhere on the strand. Now push the end bead through your hole you created. I added a dab of hot glue to the inside bead in the TP roll and one to the outside bead that you can see. There I added a little fabric rose to conceal and block the hole where the bead was pushed through. Repeat this on the other side.

You can see the rose up above where I added it to conceal the hole.

I absolutely love them. They turned out so cute!

Kaia loves them too. She immediately took them out and went searching for faeries. She wears them around the house and hangs them above her bed.

You can view the full online Cape Discovery Catalog & Jo-Ann’s Weekly digital advertisement to see everything that is going on! You can find a single coupon for 40% off one item there as well! There are even more craft ideas & you can find out what is on sale when you visit in store & online!

What kind of Summer crafting activities do you enjoy doing with your kids or even for yourself? Which one of the Jo-Ann Summer craft activities are you most excited about?