Lassig 4Kids Trolley Suitcase

My kids have a thing for luggage. Well bags in general but luggage is like a prized possession in our house. They carefully pack and repack their suitcases almost daily. Yes my kids have created their own emergency bags. While I am still not convinced that it is necessary, for each of them to have a bag full of clothes toys and necessities ready at all times, they feel it is. They all play very nicely and take time to make their bags just right. It is nice on the actual eventuality of a sleepover a
When the time comes and we do go one a weekend trip it is really helpful to have some nice luggage for the kids. The Lassig 4Kids Trolley Suitcase has some fantastic features that we have found super helpful. First the telescoping handle is really easy to use and works smoothly without pinching fingers which is very nice we have had issues with other luggage. The wheels move great and as a whole this luggage is easy for my kids to pull even when they have packed it extremely heavy with thousands of pokemon cards. All the zippers and pockets make it easy to stay organized. I like the extra drawstring backpack that comes with the suitcase. It is good for packing snacks for the trip for your child to carry close to them and then later once you have arrived it makes a great bag to keep dirty clothes separated or for more day trip outing snack and necessity holding the kids can handle. My children have used this bag daily for carting along stuffed animals, pokemon card collections, clothes and so much more it has held up very well to their rigorous use.

Whether your family is heading across the globe or just over to Grandma’s for the day, this rolling Trolley from Lassig will help make traveling with kids a little easier. Little ones will love trotting around the train station or airport with luggage just like the grown-ups. In addition to the wheels, this suitcase features include telescoping pull handle, deep main pocket with mesh pockets and zipper divider within, carrying handle, and front zipper pocket. Also comes with a separate drawstring bag that can be used for shoes, laundry or a day trip! Available in 8 designs: Little Tree Fox, Little Tree Fawn, Dino Slate, Blossy Pink, Starlight olive, Starlight Magenta, Shark Ocean and Mushroom magenta.
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Disclaimer: I received a Lassig 4Kids Trolley Suitcase from HABA. All opinions are my own.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Lassig Green Label Neckline Bag Allover Fleur

Mothers Day Gift Guide
I am kind of a diaper bag snob. I need my diaper bags to be functional, practical, and this is a biggy I want my diaper bags to grow with my family. That is hard for most diaper bags to do. I want them to be stylish and able to carry a bunch of diapers, snacks, spare clothes for the kids, sippy cups, and sunscreen plus epi pens, inhalers and so much more.Plus I rather like the idea of an eco friendly durable bag. That’s not asking to much is it? And when my kids are done with the whole diaper bag stage I want to be able to still use the bag. It seems like some insurmountable feet that would require some sort of cape and flying through the sky. Well have no fear Lassig is here to save the day. Yes you guessed it the Lassig Green Label Neckline Bag Allover Fleur has everything I want in a bag and more. It has the capability to hold everything I need with some great little features that make me smile. Like a wet bag that comes with your bag to match. Pockets galore and room for all the things i need to carry around for all three of my children. Something I always test out in all my bags is how they function when being placed on the ground. If a bag can’t hold its form and stand up when placed down than that’s an issue I can’t excuse. I need my bag to stand up so everything doesn’t fall out or over every time I place my bag down. The Neckline bag holds up very well on its own, even when it’s not packed full.

Another feature that is important to me is top closure. I like to be able to close my bag shut. Not only does keeping my bag shut keep strangers from seeing my bags contents. It keeps my kids out or at the very least gives me the few seconds I need to say “back away from the bag kiddo”. Yes my children pilfer my bag while most of the time they are going for snacks or in the case of my oldest gum. Other times they are dumping everything out of the bag and if my bag is sealed they are less likely to see something of interest that could start the bag up heavel my boys are so known for. This bag has a great zipper that is very easy to use.

One of my very favorite features of this bag is its general style. This is a bag I can use as a beach bag when my kids are no longer in need of me carrying our entire house with us. Or I can use it to carry our lunches in it. It would be an amazing weekend bag too. The whole point is this bags use doesn’t end once your child is potty trained it is so stylish you will want to keep it around for years to come.
The Green Label Neckline Bag Allover Fleur promises sustainability with class. Made from CYCLEPET polyester fabric sourced from recycled plastic bottles, our precious natural resources are consciously spared. At the same time, the diaper bag with its striking shape proves that ecologically minded production also allows for fashionable and stylish bags. The slick Neckline Bag Allover Fleur is available in Black Melange or Choco Melange with applications and a strap made of finest imitation leather. On the inside, the tried and tested convenience of a changing mat, an insulated bottle holder, a water-repellent wet compartment and a detachable baby jar retainer is to be found. Naturally, the bag can also be attached directly to the stroller. But fashion-conscious mothers also like to attract attention when shopping in town by carrying the bag across their shoulder.

Height: 16.9
Length: 5.5
Width: 16.9

BUY IT: You can purchase the Lassig Green Label Neckline Bag Allover Fleur on the HABA site.

Disclaimer: I received a Lassig Green Label Neckline Bag Allover Fleur from HABA. All opinions are my own.

HABA Pure Nature Pudgie Musical Puppy

Cuddly little musical toys are always a favorite of babies. The HABA Pure Nature Pudgie Musical Puppy plays soft music when the string is pulled the methodical gentle music can help calm and soothe baby. This would be a great toy for in the car, in the stroller, or just for baby to roll around with. Every part of this cuddly puppy is soft and baby friendly. It is a sure favorite for every infant. I love that it is also gender neutral so you can pass it down from child to child as well.
This super cuddly puppy will become a snuggling favorite of your little one. Pull the little shamrock tail and listen to “Hush Little Baby” lull them to sleep. Made of high quality cotton produced by controlled, organic farming and polyester filling which is washable and hygienic. Music box is water proof, so parents will love that this item can be washed in the washing machine on the gentle cycle.
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Disclaimer: I received the HABA Pure Nature Pudgie Musical Puppy. All my opinions are my own.

infanttech smarttemp bluetooth thermometer

Having a sick kiddo is so hard. Waking them up to take there temperature  constantly throughout the night is so stressful but necessary to make sure your child keeps their fever down keeping a trip to the emergency room unnecessary. But while checking their temperature you are waking them up so they don’t get the sleep needed to heal also getting them back to sleep can be difficult and dealing with a sick crying kiddo all night is night my favorite way to spend an evening. I wish the Iinfanttech smarttemp bluetooth thermometer was around when my first child was born. I am so glad  I have it now and can tell you it is really easy to use, I can also tell you that every family member or friend who has a baby will be getting this product from me. It is one of those products that you hope you never need to use but that inevitably everyone will need to use and are SO thankful you have when the time comes. Some info about this product it has WIRELESS MONITORING VIA BLUETOOTH: smarttemp is an FDA Approved smart Bluetooth baby thermometer that allows parents to track their child’s body temperature in real time through their smartphone. You will also RECEIVE ALERTS: The app will alert you once the temperature rises beyond the threshold. It will also remind you when it’s time for another dose of medicine. When you have to remember to wake up at 2am to give another dose of meds you will thank this little reminder. It is so hard to remember those early morning doses having a little reminder is so nice. You are not alone there is an app to help you remember and keep your babies temp on track. SHARE DATA WITH DOCTOR: The smarttemp app stores up to 7 days of medical history and can be shared with caregivers. This is such a biggie! When you are sleep deprived and taking your kiddo into the doctor and they ask you what there temp has been and when the fever started you can show them in real time when it started and what it is. When my kids get sick like this  I can barely remember my own name let alone the exact date and their exact temp during this time. So no guess work just check the app and you have all that info at your fingertips.
When Fever strikes, infanttech’s new smarttemp provides parents a new high tech way to track your child’s temperature through your smartphone. Using Bluetooth technology, a parent can keep baby close, but not disturb them when checking their temperature. Using a traditional digital thermometer requires parents to frequently monitor their children’s temperature manually, and especially at night. This often comes with stress, sleeplessness and exhaustion to parents and often causes the babies to feel uncomfortable and resistant. Here’s an easier solution.
Get alerts when the temperature rises beyond the threshold
– Receive medicine reminders when it’s time for another dosage
– Parents can share the temperature graph with their Doctor
– Easy placement underarm with adhesive pad (10 patches included)
– Rinse with soap and warm water after each use to keep it clean for years of use
– Place back in carrying case to automatically turn off thermometer, preserving battery life
– Get up to 3 years of battery life with no charging required!

Smarttemp is easy to use. Simply download the smartphone app (Available for both iOS and Android), place the thermometer under baby’s underarm with adhesive pad, and monitor your baby’s temperature. Smarttemp comes with the thermometer, a carrying case, 10 adhesive pads, and has up to a 3 year battery life with no charging required.

Buy It: You can purchase the infanttech smarttemp bluetooth thermometer at Kohl’s online only.

Disclaimer: I received a infanttech smarttemp bluetooth thermometer all my opinions are my own.

Mothers Day Gift Guide: Kelly Moore Bags

Mothers Day Gift Guideblack_8286d422-fe3f-4344-a9b9-2b500e077ea3_grande
Like many woman I absolutely love handbags. I am kind of picky though. While yes I want my handbags to be pretty on the outside it is also what is one th inside that counts. Meaning I need there to be room to store everything I need to take with me and I need it to be functionally accessible and organized. I am still in the diaper bag stage of life but I am not really into the huge diaper bag size if I can help it. That is why I absolutely LOVE the Ruston bag by Kelly Moore. It is not only exceptionally gorgeous it is also so functional. It is not a huge bag but they way it is set up the organization is amazing. Everything is at your finger tips easy to find and accessible. If you are dropping off for daycare or even dropping off at a friends house you can simply lift our the basket area and all your child’s necessities are right there easy to find and you don’t have to dig around your bag for them or place them in a pile some where everything is neatly together and organized.
As your kids grow and you no longer need the diaper bag aspect of this purse you can obviously change how you pack and keep the organization or simply remove it and use the bag without it. Either way you have a gorgeous bag that is so classically fashionable and versatile. I cannot say enough good thing about this bag.

Removable Padded Basket

Which includes:

3 – padded, removable, adjustable dividers
2 – smaller, padded, removable, adjustable dividers
2 – spaces on either side of the basket to store i-pad, notebooks, magazines, etc.
1 – inside zipper pocket
2 – clear envelope pockets
1 – envelope pocket


1 – removable long messenger strap ( up to 45″)
2 – drop straps (6″)
Crafted with our CAMBRIO material. Exclusive to Kelly Moore Bag, this vegan friendly material is also abrasion & water resistant
Bone/Shadow – Silver Hardware, Red – Gold Hardware
Weight: 3.6 lbs
Will hold up to a 9″ lens
Will hold a camera body with lens attached
Will hold a pro camera body or standard body + grip

A British study famously found that women get more pleasure from buying a handbag than any other item. Kelly Moore, creator of a line of well-designed bags for moms, women photographers, travelers and students, today releases a new collection of classically styled bags to tap into that joy.

Kelly Moore Bags’ Classic Collection features eight styles hewn from Cambrio, a new material produced exclusively for the company, that is water resistant, abrasion resistant and vegan friendly.

“Luxe and beautiful,” touts company founder and designer, Kelly Moore, “While still strong and functional, these bags offer the best of both worlds.
model_9d8545a7-0edc-4e74-a640-258c31b82948_grandeThese first-ever, luxurious yet affordable bags range from $139 – $249. All styles include the signature removable basket and ample camera body and lens capacity, adjustable dividers, and plenty of pockets, features guaranteed to fit an active lifestyle.

Buy It: You can purchase the gorgeous Ruston Bag or any of the other beautiful Kelly Moore Bags from the Kelly Moore site.

Disclaimer: I received a Ruston Bag from Kelly Moore all opinions are my own.