HABA Shakin Eggs- How We learn with them

We love educational toys in this house. In fact so much that when we get a new toy the kids always say ” I can’t wait to LEARN with this ….”. HABA’s Shakin Eggs are no different. These adorable wooden eggs that are so beautifully made help with auditory recognition, color recognition, patterning, matching, fine and gross motor skills and so much more.
We are always working on auditory learning and sound differentiation in our house. Both my boys are speech delayed and so sounding out as well as just listening to different sounds is something we are constantly working on to make sure their hearing is not the issue.
Talking about colors was a no brainer. While yes these fantastic little eggs make beautiful sounds when shaken and twisted they are also delightfully colored. We talk about the different colors and also about how even though their are different shades of the same color they may look different but they belong to the same color family.
While talking about sounds we talk about each sound that particular egg makes so that I can ask for the egg that makes the shaka shaka sound, for the egg that makes the clickity click sound, the egg that makes the jingle sound etc. So that my son has to think and listen to each egg to find the sound I am asking him for.

Below is the different sounds these eggs make.

BUY IT: Shake things up this Easter with HABA’s Shakin Eggs. Develop your child’s musical abilities early with these brightly colored eggs that all make different noises. Most are shakin’ but one of the five is twistin. For ages 2 years+. MSRP: $19.99. Available online at www.HABAusa.com

Yookidoo® Musical Duck Race our new favorite Water Table Toy

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We love water play at our house and the Yookidoo® Musical Duck Race toy takes it to a whole new level! We do ahave a very shallow tub and my kids like the water level very high so we did have some water getting out of the tub issues with this toy. So….
We decided to take it outside and it is one of our favorite toys ever!!!
This little toy plays music seriously adorable music too. I could listen to it all day its awesome. You can turn the music function off if you want but we love it. the little ducks sopin round and round as the water shoots out in their little ducky bath.
The different ducks spray water out in different patterns. My kids favorite is definitely what they have dubbed the spitting duck.
Remember you can use a dollar store tub to create a water tub you don’t need anything fancy. Have fun with this toy in the bath or enjoy it outside like we do. This is definitely a must have and a favorite toy for water play inside or outside.
Quack, quack! Little ones have fun in the tub with the candy-striped Yookidoo® Musical Duck Race that comes with four cute duckies that ring around the fountain. Press the leaf-leaver to activate one of nine random sound and water effects and place a duck on top of the water fountain for even more water effects. This musical tub toy develops hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, and teaches colors and counting.
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Educational Insights The Sea Squad

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Meet the Sea Squad: Flipper the anglerfish, Dipper the octopus, Chomper the shark, and Bob the clam.

Pretend play and puppet shows will be a splash when these comical marine friends hit the scene. Their googly eyes, vivid colors, and hilarious expressions will inspire creative play and transform story time into the ultimate sea adventure.
They’re Learning!

Encourages self-expression
Inspires dramatic and creative play
Develops communication skills

4 Sea Animal Puppets-on-a-Stick perfect for pretend play
Great for puppet shows, circle time, YouTube videos, family announcements, and more
Two ways to open and close mouth
Wipe-clean surface
Part of the best-selling Puppet-on-a-Stick™ line
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Baby Play- Circles in Water Play

I have come to realize that I need to give Liam some fun sensory play too. I have something going just about every day for Kaia and Mikey while poor Liam sits on the side lines watching their play. Yesterday I made some playdough for my older two. I gave a little to Liam and watched him squish it between his fingers and coo with delight. It inevitably went towards his mouth where I pulled it away. It made me realize though that there was something my 7 month old needed that I had not yet given him…some fun sensory play. I had completely intended to do sensory play with him. I had seen all kinds of adorable baby sensory activities on Pinterest. I had vowed to do them all yet my poor Liam had never had a sensory tub just for him, until now.

It has been pretty hot so I decided water was the way to go (just to be clear you should never let a baby play with water unsupervised). So I filled a shallow container with water and let him splash around in it. While Liam would have been content to play with water (it is the perfect sensory material) I felt like adding a little something more. Liam loves chew toys. His favorite right now are his teething bracelets. So I added my teething bracelets. They are beautiful, colorful, and deliciously chewy and fun for his little gums. Plus we now had a theme- CIRCLES! Liam happily played with this tub for a little over 20 minutes until I got distracted by my other two he grabbed the tub and dumped it over. He laughed hysterically thinking this was the best thing ever. What a wonderful way to end our play session. And now my floors have one very clean spot. Next time I think I will put down a towel.