Giant Bubbles!!!

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Are you ready to make some amazing HUGE bubbles?

Here is what you will need:

2 dowels or one dowel cut in two (I actually used an old broom stick and cut it in two each side is 2 ft long)

Two eye hooks you know the ones that have the circle at the top

Rope- I used rope I already had at home, if I were to go out and buy some I would get something thinner, Like the rope you use to hang laundry would be perfect. Important- You want it to be cotton or soft nylon

I cut my pieces to these lengths top rope is 30 inches bottom rope is 86 inches

a Washer


1. Make sure you cut your dowels to your desired length

2. Attach the eye hooks- 1 hook on the end of each dowel

3. Attach the shorter rope first tie each side to each eye hook

4. Attach the longer rope. Attach one side first to one eye hook, slide the washer on and then attach the other side of the rope to the other eye hook.

5. This is optional. But I like to take a lighter to the frayed ends of the rope to stop the fraying and to give the rope a longer life.

6. That’s it enjoy! Make your own Bubble Solution I recommend any of my Amazing Bubble Recipes! Just make sure you make them a day ahead of time to make sure they work really well!

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The great thing about this Bubble maker other than the fact that it makes HUGE bubbles is that you do not need a large bubble solution container. We used a sand bucket.
Picture 351
You can see that the kids had no trouble making huge bubbles!
Picture 388
They hardest thing for my kids is the waiting to pop the bubbles. They wanted to run and pop each bubble before they were done being made.
Picture 363
You can see the washer helps hold down the rope and keeps it from getting to tangled.
Picture 367
I told you huge amazing bubbles!
Picture 377
They were so incredible!
Picture 378
And that’s it now its your turn. Go make a giant bubble blower maybe you already have everything you need…
Picture 359
To make bubbles like this!!!

Oh and just incase you want to look up some other amazing bubble ideas check out this post where we had a Bubble Playdate and made the bubble blower like you see below and more!
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Making Scented Bubbles

I went to a craft store by my house and saw they were selling scented bubbles. I immediately put it on my list of things to make and then sadly forgot about it…until now. The kids have had the tummy flu and are still battling it which means we have been home and looking for things to do. I knew I wanted to do something easy that would keep them busy and enjoying some time outside. Cue the amazing and oh so pretty scented bubbles.

First check out my post on Bubble Recipes I have five fantastic recipes there. All of them can be adapted to add scent. Making your own bubble wands out of pipe cleaners is just extra credit.

So here it is super simple. I added a few drops between 5-10 of essential oil or extract add more or less depending on the strength of the scent you want. That’s it. I added food coloring to just to make them look a little different liquid watercolors would have worked as well. You can also scent your bubbles by adding a packet of ¬†Kool-Aid to your bubble solution.

Looking to make it even more simple. Buy your bubbles and just add some essential oil, extract or Kool-Aid to your store bought bubbles.

Another easy way to add scent if you don’t want to go the essential oil/ extract route is to buy scented dish soap when making your bubbles.


Bubble Playdate

We made colorful bubble pictures by adding liquid watercolors to one of my bubble recipes. You can find a link to my recipes at the bottom of this post.

We put papers under the cups of bubbles and handed the kids straws they then blew bubbles creating colorful bubble prints on the papers below.

I bought a cheap hula hoop at the Dollar Tree and covered it in thick rope. I first tied a knot and then wrapped the rope around and around the hula hoop until it was completely covered and then I tried the rope off.

The kids first tried making giant bubbles on their own with the giant bubble blower.

And then they got brave enough to go inside. They could have just stepped inside the pool of bubbles.

However, if your bubble.solution gets to dirty it doesn’t work as well so we put a tub for them to step into to keep our bubble solution as clean as possible.

Even the adults had to try it out. Seriously being surrounded by a bubble, that’s pretty awesome.

The bubbles were amazing and huge!

Everyone had to have a turn going inside a huge bubble

Sometimes two kids at a time.

Even when someone was not inside the bubble pool it was being used to make Giant Bubbles.

And then the kids started putting themselves in bubbles by pulling the hula hoop up over their heads.

Which were awesome!

The pool noodles became bubble blowers too.

More giant bubbles.

By lifting the bubble blower up catching air and putting it down again they were able to create big bubbles in the pool.

Check out all my AMAZING Bubble Recipes here

To make the Large bubble Blower- Just wrap fabric or rope (that’s what I used) around a cheap hula hoop. Thats it! It was super simple!

I had a ton of other bubble blowing activities actually we made all the recipes from my Bubble;e Recipe page but the Giant Bubbles became the main attraction!

Check out my giant bubble blower herePicture 377

Bubble Recipes


Note: All these bubble recipes get better with time so make them a day or two ahead of time

Bubble Solution 1

2 Cups Dawn Dish Detergent
6 cups water
4 tablespoons of glycerin

Stir slowly if you make to many bubbles while stirring its harder to get the bubble blowers to work well. Enjoy!
Blowing Bubbles on paper. You just add some liquid water color or food coloring to the bubble solution put a straw in and blow. Like blowing bubbles in your milk or apple juice kids love this and it makes awesome prints when you put a paper underneath.

Bubble Solution 2

6 cups water
2 cups Dawn dishwashing liquid
3/4 cup light corn syrup

Mix all ingredients together in a LARGE container. Shake everything up and let sit for a FEW hours. Pour into empty bubbles containers or sensory table and enjoy!

You can provide pipe cleaners so the kids can make their own bubble wands in whatever shape and size they want.

Bubble Solution 3

12 cups of water
1 cup of dishwasher soap Dawn or Joy
1 cup of cornstarch or (corn flour in the UK)
2 tablespoons of baking powder

Mix all ingredients together in a LARGE container. Shake everything up and let sit overnight. Pour into empty bubbles containers or sensory table and enjoy!

Make awesome Alien Bubbles like the one below- They are cold when you hold them and the smoke lingers on your hands after you pop them they are Amazing!!!

Bubble Solution 4 (Bouncy Bubbles)

1 package Gelatin (knox unflavored)
4 tablespoons Glycerin
1 cup Dawn Dish Detergent

1. Dissolve one package unflavored gelatin into one cup of hot water (just boiled).
2. Then add 4 tablespoons glycerin and 1 cup Dawn Dish Detergent. Stir gently.
3. The solution will gel as it cools. Reheat it carefully in the microwave (about two minutes).

Bubbles made with this solution will bounce off your clothes! My kids like to wear there knit mittens and try to see how many times they can make a bubble bounce. Or catch a bubble gently and just see it sit there on their glove.

Get Fancy and make the above Bubble Solution Scented and colorful! Check out how here.

Bubble Solution 5

The BEST Bubbles EVER

2 cups Dawn dishwashing liquid
4 Cups Glycerine
1 cup light corn syrup
12 Cups distilled water (tap will work if you have good water quality)

Mix all ingredients together in a LARGE container. Shake everything up and let sit for a FEW hours. Pour into sensory table and enjoy! This Bubble solution is super thick and makes bubbles that bounce. You can use more distilled water to dilute if you want to thin it out a bit.

Picture 377
Click on this link for instructions on how to make a bubble maker that makes GIANT BUBBLES like the ones above!

Click on this link to see pictures and ideas from our BUBBLE PLAYDATE as well as instructions on how to make a hula hoop bubble blower like the one you see above!

Other Ideas: Provide nets for Bubble catching

Alien Bubbles- Science

We took dry ice and made bubbles. It was super easy all you need is Dry Ice, an empty container with a tight fitting lid, a tube, a funnel, duct tape, bubble solution and a container to put it in.
And you can make these amazing bubbles
You just put the funnel in the bubble solution and all the gas from the dry ice creates smoke filled bubbles
When you pop them the smoke lingers it is pretty awesome
Catching a Bubble
popping the Bubble isn’t that fantastic.
The funnel made huge bubbles

Smaller bubbles

The contraption

Add hot water fast and close quickly
This was one of my favorite projects ever. We will definitely be doing it again!

Use any of my INCREDIBLE BUBBLE RECIPES you can find HERE to make the AMAZING ALIEN BUBBLES in this post. Plus you can find a bunch of other Bubble Related ideas and activities!