Fine Motor: Spring Flower Shop

Spring Flower ShopIMG_20160329_132724417
Materials Needed:
Small takeout boxes (Dollar Store)
Plastic Flowers (Dollar Store)
Scrapbook numbers
IMG_20160329_133621850I put a number on the inside and outside of each small takeout box

IMG_20160329_133655069as seen here

IMG_20160329_133750941Let the kids explore and count


Fine Motor: Crazy Straws and Foam Shapes

Crazy straws and foam pieces
Materials Needed:
Crazy Straws ( I buy at the Dollar Store)
Foam Pieces ( I buy at the Dollar store)
Directions: This is where it is fun, What theme are you working on? Creatures that live in our Oceans? Healthy Bodies and good Nutrition, or Shapes, Colors, and Sizes? It doesn’t matter the theme you can find some foam pieces to coincide with it and if you can’t find them, make them!
It really is limitless you can tie this great fine motor activity in with any theme or have them create their own shapes and theme to start working on.
All you need to do is either cut a slit or punch a hole in the foam shapes. This activity couldn’t be easier to set up place the crazy straws and foam shapes on a table and go.





Fine Motor- Golf Tees and Marbles

Fine Motor skill exercises are so important. They will strengthen your child’s grip so they can later hold a pencil and write their name. They are the techniques that will help your child button and zip their clothing. They are truly the building blocks to so many different skills that will be necessary for daily for daily routines and practices.


This is a simple project that can be adapted in so many ways. If marbles are to small you can use ping pong balls or golf balls. Or go smaller and use pony beads


The simple act of pushing the golf tees into the foam block is also strengthening and developing those vital muscles in the hand. IMG_20160328_111251401

You can have your child use their hands to place and balance the marbles on the gold tees. IMG_20160328_111258624  IMG_20160328_111305255

You can count each marble as its being placed or simply talk about what colors they see inside the marbleIMG_20160328_111429941

Or instead of using your hands to pick up the marbles you can use one of our very favorite tools its called a Pop Pal they are actually supposed to be used to help while eating a popsicle. But we use them for fine motor and they are just amazing the perfect size for little hands and so adorably cute. Kids just love them.IMG_20160328_111434422

You simply squeeze the sides of the mouth to grab a marble and squeeze again to release. Still strengthening those important muscles in the hand.

IMG_20160328_111445870   Balancing the marbles may look easy but it does take some effort and they have to be spatially aware as well to make sure they don’t knock down the marbles thus having to redo all the hard work they ave already done.  IMG_20160328_111554083

Golf Tees, Marbles and pop palsThe Pop Pals really are awesome if you are working on fine motor I highly suggest getting someIMG_20160328_111604325

Fine Motor- TP Roll Sewing

TP Roll Sewing
Sewing is such a great life skill. It is one that I like to teach to my kids as early as possible. The basics are the foundation for writing, problem solving, and creative thinking. its true in the late 90’s there was a study done regarding children learning to sew and what benefits might be found.The study revealed that children ages 8 to 12 showed elevated creativity after sewing a simple project. Children who sew during these critical years of development show increased creativity and self-esteem and appear to build skills in creative problem solving and perseverance.
Well I am sew-ld. See what I did there. Well anyway I have been teaching preschoolers to sew for years it is so much fun and a really simple project to do.
Materials Needed:
Empty clean TP rolls
hole punch
ribbon or yarn
Pipe cleaner

1. Use the hole puncher to punch holes all around the tp roll. Fold the tp roll so you can punch through the center area as well.
2. Tie off your ribbon or yarn to one of the bottom holes.
3. Take the other end of your ribbon or yarn and tie it to a pipe cleaner.I cut my pipe cleaner down so it was shorter and easier to handle. Fold the pipe cleaner over and twist to that it resembles a large needle.
4. Let children explore












Fine Motor- Tub Stopper and Marbles

Marbles and bath stoppers

Materials Needed:
Bowl for marbles
Tub stopper with suction cups ( this tub stopper is similar to the one I used)
Pop Pals (Optional)

IMG_20160328_112059815Using their fingers or a Pop Pal your child will develop stronger fine motor skills.


Balancing the marbles on the suctions takes percision, fore thought, spatial awareness, and creativity.

IMG_20160328_112127385Making a pattern talking about numbers, colors, and discerning between similarities and differences. Marbles are all similar they are round, approximately around the same size (at least the ones we used were) but they each had a different color inside some were similar in color others were different.

IMG_20160328_112131107Thinking of a plan. surveying the materials and then carrying out the plan to create a picture the child had designed in their head.

IMG_20160328_112133992Once done the child separated the marbles into different bowls representing a specific color as well as the odd ball bowl.

IMG_20160328_112206274Using a Pop Pal one of our favorite tools when working with marbles
The Marble in the Pop Pals mouth
IMG_20160328_112256930Releasing the marble