Fine Motor: Nests and Eggs

IMG_20160328_132339858Materials Needed:

Nests (I bought at Michael’s Craft store)
Ice cube Pinchers (bought at goodwill)
Scrap booking number stickers (Dollar store)
Little Styrofoam eggs (dollar store)





Nests and Eggs

Fine Motor: Marble Transfer

Marble transfer
IMG_20160329_125116469I love the clearance section. The clearance section where you ask? Basically anywhere.  I always have to do a quick scan to see if there is anything exciting that we just can’t live without. Well maybe that is to strong a phrase. Anyway one of my quick visual scan had me bring home this suction cup racket with its twin purple sister and a matching ball all for $0.78 yes that’s right $0.78. I know right how could I say “No” to that. I found these at my local grocery store right after the end summer sales had finished it was part of the leftovers and was just begging to come home with me.
IMG_20160329_125319516So here we are using this awesome find in a way unintended by the maker I am sure but immensely helpful to our little ones.
IMG_20160329_125321439And our Pop Pals one of my favorite tools when children are working with marbles.
IMG_20160329_125328011Using those fine motor muscles to work one transferring marbles and balancing them from one placeto the next

Fine Motor: Water Transfer Popsicle Molds

water transfer popsicle mold

IMG_20160329_114011897Yesterday we used Muffin Tins at our water transfer station today we are using popsicle molds. You really can use so many different containers to create a different yet the same fun activity for the kids. Same premise just a different package can create new excitement and interest in an activity.

IMG_20160329_114027392And those fine motor muscles are working hard here

IMG_20160329_114030196Filling up the popsicle mold

IMG_20160329_114036036checking out his hard work

IMG_20160329_114333545And just to show you these cuties right here were bought at  Home Goods. They are individual cupcake or ice cream molds. I fell in love immediately and new they would be a huge hit and they were of course

IMG_20160329_124025785What awesome water transfer activities have you done?


Fine Motor: Water Transfer Using a Baster

water transfer using a baster
Using a baster even though it is larger than a pipette or water dropper is still a great way to strengthen fine motor skills. It is actually preferable with younger toddlers who are very young but still interested in this type of activity. And also for moving larger amounts of liquid where a child might loose interest or feel defeated using a small pipette to move all the liquids. Plus it is also just a nice change and will create interest because using different materials is always more exciting.
IMG_20160329_112633280I often include a sponge when setting up water transfer trays the kids can clean up their own spills or might surprise you with using it in a way you might not have expected.

IMG_20160329_112643930Moving water from one jar to the next takes effort and strength as well as dexterity and planning as well as problem solving.

IMG_20160329_112709034remember how I said they might not use it in a way that you would have expected. Well here is one of those cases instead of squirting the liquid from one container to the next he moved it from one container to the sponjge which absorbed the liquid and then he squeezed out the sponge into the next container.

IMG_20160329_112824213This actually created another step and he was using even more fine motor movement strengthening his muscles even more and still doing the same activity. It was really exciting and was actually a better activity then what I had originally presented.

IMG_20160329_112837202Squeezing out all the liquids from the sponge






Fine Motor and Science- Absorption Experimentation

absorption experiment
Yesterday we did an experiment exploring absorption. Absorption is when an object absorbs or soaks up a liquid. Yesterday we made it easy. Today we are really testing which objects absorb and which objects do not absorb.
The use of the pipette puts the hand in a pincer grasp and while coaxing the water into the pipette your child is using their fine motor skills. Also the picking up and moving of the cotton balls is using their fine motor skills as well
We used materials from around the house. So everyone will use different things I also split the tray so that objects that absorb are on one side and objects that repel the water are on the other side.
bowl for water
basket or bowl for items
plastic frog
piece of fun foam
wooden bead
glass pebble
cotton ball
tissue paper