Fine Motor: Pompom Sort

Materials Needed:

Paint containers with colored tops ( Here is the newer version of the ones I bought )

pompoms various colors and sizes

a tray
This activity is super simple but it can keep kids captivated for some time.
It works there knowledge base for color recognition, matching, and differentiation.
I literally just set the cups on the tray and then dumped a bag of pompoms on the tray that’s it super easy.
My son sat here for a while looking at the pompoms deciding which pompoms go in which container
Using their fingers to pick up and grasp the pompom and then to push it through the opening in the container is using their fine motor control and their pincer grasp.

Painting with Water

It has been so hot so in an effort to stay cool and to keep my kids entertained. I offered up a simple and fun activity. Painting with water. Some of the fringe benefits with this activity is there is little mess or clean up and you might actually get part of your yard cleaned.
Painting the bricks in our yard with water gives the illusion that there is actually a change in the color of the bricks that they really are being painted. Which they are but just with water so when the water evaporates which it does relatively quickly especially on hot days the bricks go back to their same color. Only slightly cleaner.
While painting my kids remain engaged, happy, and enthusiastic, and they work really hard.
Detail oriented kiddos get every brick. Just look at him go and now my bricks are nice and clean and my kids just spent an our cleaning whether they know it or not.
While painting it is hot so the water keeps evaporating off the bricks so the kids have to constantly go back to retrace their steps. This is awesome because it gets them that much more excited.
If you are  not in the mood for backyard water painting then you can do this simple activity. All you need is a :


bowl of water

piece of paper

paint brush, or sponge
Let the kids paint away with the water. It will change the color of their paper.
We used the pool noodle for stamping the water onto the paper
Afterwards we did some water color painting on we paper which is fun too. The color bleeds when it is one wet paper which creates a fun effect.
you can also add salt afterward just sprinkle some on top for more cool effects
squeezing water out of a sponge onto paper is another way to do this project and it also strengthens fine motor muscles
More water color painting on top of wet paper

Five Senses Curriculum: Hearing

Activity 1: Hum a Song
1. Hum a song that the children know
2. See if they can identify it without the words
3. Let children hum songs and you and their peers get to try and guess what it is

Activity 2: Who Makes this Sound?
1. Ask children to make a sound like an animal
2. Have class guess the animal that makes that sound
Variation: children can imitate cars, trains, whistles, etc

Activity 3: Who is that talking?
1. Take turns recording each child’s voice
2. play back the recording and see if the kids can recognize the child who is speaking

Activity 4: Play Telephone
1. Sit the class in a big circle
2. whisper to the child sitting next to you a simple two syllable word ex: Apple
3. that child whispers to the next child and so on and so forth until it gets back to you
4. The last child says the word out loud
variation: If it becomes to easy try a simple phrase instead of a single word ex: Skip to my Lou

Activity 5: Dancing
1. I like using Greg and Steve for dancing where children distinguish between tones etc
2. Use songs where children will move slow when the song is slow and fast when the song is fast
3. Or songs where they move like different animals during different sounds
Variation: USe scarves while dancing

Activity 6: Rhythm Sticks, shakers (maracas) or other musical instruments
1. Play songs and have kids tap along
2. sometimes you move fast other times slow. sometimes not at all

Activity 7: Name the Instrument
1. play some music with different instruments or you play an instrument under a towel on your lap
2. have the kids guess what the instrument is

Activity 8: Make Sound Jars

Five Senses Curriculum: Touch

Activity 1: Sensory Walk
blindfold or not its kind of more fun with a blindfold but its not necessary
1. have the child take off their shoes
2. have different texture swatches cut out in from of them
3. bubble wrap, sand paper, a tub of water, a tub of cooked spaghetti, tile, a tub of river pebbles etc

Activity 2: Make a Hidden Object Box

Activity 3: Make Texture Cards

Activity 4: Make Sensory Bagshow to’s on over 40+ Sensory Bags
Sensory Bags
Activity 5: Make Playdough 35+ different recipes for Playdough
Activity 6: Create some Foot Print Painting

or go all out and do Full Body Painting

Activity 7: Finger Painting
Materials: liquid starch, powdered tempera paint, paper, and smocks
1. Children wear aprons
2. 3 inch spot of starch on the table sprinkle some tempra paint on it
3. you can do this more than once with different colors
4. have the child mix the color in to the starch and paint on their paper

Five Senses Curriculum: Smell

Activity 1: Where Am I?
1. This is a guessing game where the teacher or the child gives clues about the area they are thinking about.
2. Example: 1. I can smell hay
2. I can smell horses
3. I can smell cows
4. I can smell chickens
Where am I? A Farm!

Activity 2: A Smell Walk
Depending on your location this could work
1. Take class for a walk around the playground
2. Visit different areas is there a garden how does it smell here?
3. Has it just rained?, is there grass?

Activity 3: Make your Own potpourri

Activity 4: Smell Jars

Activity 5: Pomanders
I used to make these as a child
materials: oranges 1 for each child, whole cloves
1. push the whole cloves into the unpeeled orange
2. notice how the two smells combined that of the orange and that of the clove become a third different smell when combined

Activity 6: Make a Favorite Smell Chart

What is your favorite smell?
Kaia: Flowers
Mikey: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Liam: pancakes and syrup

Activity 7: Paint with smells