Sprout Organic Foods for Babies and Toddlers

Did you know that Sprout Organic Foods makes the only organic toddler snacks on the market combining wholesome fruit and veggie combinations with crispy brown rice?

I was actually a bit shocked when I found this out. What a great and healthy combination. Liam loves these! Not only does Liam love them but so do my older two kiddos. We actually took a day trip to the zoo and I threw a few packs of the Red Berry and Beet Crispy chews in my bag. They were the first snack to be consumed…by my husband! Liam had his fair share and so did the kids. I love the individual pouches which made it easy for me to throw these in my bag and pass them out amongst my family.

Sprout Organic Foods knows that healthy living is important to you and your family. That’s why the mission at Sprout is to create organic products for babies and toddlers that taste great – because a love of healthy foods can last a lifetime!
Just Right for Toddlers. Perfect for little fingers learning to pick up and self feed. The soft crispy chewy texture is enjoyable to eat. And five single packet portions make on-the-go snacking easy.
Naturally sweet and wholesome, Sprout recipes are made with certified organic ingredients and contain no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or other additives. Sprout is also pleased to be able to offer a selection of recipes suitable for those with allergies and food sensitivities.

Liam loves these chews because they are an easy size for him to pick up and eat. He does not have all his teeth yet in fact he only has two teeth. But he gums and chews these tasty treats vigorously. He really loves all of the different flavors both the fruit and veggie chews and the yogurt bites. I have noticed he seems to eat the banana pumpkin yogurt bites a bit more voraciously then the others. Although it really is a toss up there is not one of these snacks he has not eagerly consumed.

Celebrate Labor Day with Frito Lay- Giveaway

Labor Day is fast approaching! Sadly, that means that summer is coming to a close.

It’s time to celebrate our last moments outside with one final BBQ don’t forget the snacks. Lay’s and all of its flavor options makes for the perfect chip accompaniment – whether you go for Sour Cream & Onion, BBQ or Original – grab a few bags and you’ll have everyone happy and indulging in delicious flavor in no time.

For your guests looking for great taste they can feel good about, SunChips is a must-have. With 18 grams of whole grains in each serving, they’re unexpectedly delicious with nutrition you can see. And with several great tasting flavors – like Jalapeno Jack, Creamy Roasted Garlic and Parmesan & Herb – your guests will be smiling too.

Beyond serving as a great snack or side your favorite chips could also double up as the perfect ingredient in dips, sandwiches and even desserts. From creamy edamame puree dip to chocolate and potato chip cookies, impress friends with a new, tasty treat featuring their favorite chips.
Buy It: Visit the Frito Lay site to find recipes and check out all the different kinds of snack foods Frito Lay has to offer.
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Making Lollipops


Jolly ranchers
Tin foil
Lollipop sticks
Baking Spray


Preheat oven to 225 degrees.

1. For an easy lollipop, place three jolly ranchers side-by-side on a greased cookie sheet.
2. For a shaped lollipop, wrap tin foil around a cookie cutter(s) and coat with baking spray. Set the cookie cutter(s) on a greased baking sheet.
3. Place three (or more depending on the size and shape you have made) jolly ranchers inside the tin foil mold. Or crush to make it even easier.

Bake for 5 to 6 minutes, watching carefully as they will become paper thin if you leave them in too long. Remove from the oven.

Gently press a lollipop stick halfway through the jolly ranchers, twisting slightly in order to completely mold the candy around the stick. If you are using the cookie cutter method, carefully peel away the tin foil from the candy and then insert the lollipop sticks.

Set aside and allow to cool completely.

Back To School Event: Pirates Booty Grade A Lunch-Box-Makeover

If you ask Mikey what his absolute favorite food is there is no doubt would the answer would be, Pirates Booty! He has loved Pirates Booty since the first time he tried it. In fact we have a ready and continuous supply going at all times. I can even tell you exactly which stores around us have Pirates Booty. Because you don’t want to be the one to tell Mikey we are out of his very favorite snack food. This delectable little snack is not only his favorite it is Kaia’s, Mike’s, and I are also huge fans. We of course love sharing our favorite snack food with others. When I am responsible for bringing snack for the kids Co-op preschool I always include two bags of Pirates Booty. It is always the hugest hit and there is never even one little nibble left over. What I like about Pirates Booty is that it has all natural ingredients, is gluten and trans fat free, and about half the calories of other snack chips, plus its super yummy. Honestly our play dates and snack time just wouldn’t be the same without it. This year with Kaia starting Kindergarten I get to pack her a snack, her favorite Pirates Booty are the Smart Puffs. So you better believe I will be stocking up and including this yummy treat in her snack packs. After all Pirates Booty is easy to pack, I don’t have to worry about ice or anything else. Plus I know she loves them it will be a snack she will definitely eat!

As another school year begins, you will have to figure out what to send in your kids’ lunchboxes that won’t come back untouched, as finding a balance between delicious and nutritious can be a difficult task. That’s why Emily Whelan Anschlowar, MS, RD, the in-house nutrition expert at Pirate’s Booty all-natural snacks, has created smart lunchbox swaps that are wholesome, fun and won’t get traded come lunchtime.

When it comes to school lunches, making simple swaps can make all the difference between an average meal and one that makes the grade. Here are a few tips on how your child’s lunch can earn high marks:

Sandwich Substitute: Whole grain bread, wraps or bagels packed with lean cuts of meat or hummus for protein is the way to go. Whole grain breads are packed with fiber and protein that keep away afternoon hunger pangs! Don’t forget the mustard, which is loaded with antioxidants. Tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers are delicious ways to add crunch, fiber, plus vitamins and minerals.

Snack Switch: This may be the most important part of the meal because it’s a kid’s favorite. Stay away from greasy, fried potato chips and artificially flavored cheese curls. Baked, all-natural snacks with less fat and calories are a much better alternative. You shouldn’t need Google to read the ingredient list!

Drink Exchange: Avoid sugary fruit drinks loaded with calories and little to no nutritional benefit. Rehydrating with water or low-fat milk makes the grade! Low-fat milk is delicious and nutrient-rich; containing calcium and vitamin D which are essential for growing bones.
Sweet Tooth Swap: Instead of something high in fat and sugar like cookies or snack cakes, try naturally sweet low-fat yogurt with fresh fruit. Yogurt is rich in protein, calcium and B vitamins.

Pirate’s Booty makes the grade for the “Snack Switch” tip! Pirate’s Booty is a deliciously baked, all-natural snack that kids love and moms feel good about adding to the lunchbox. Pirate’s Booty is gluten and tree-nut free, so it’s safe for kids with allergies and their classmates too. Pirate’s Booty is made without trans-fats and ingredients you can’t pronounce. Also, it’s more convenient than ever, as Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar now comes in half-ounce size multipacks that are only 65-calories per pack! Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar half-ounce 12-packs are available at retailers nationwide.

Buy It: Visit the Pirates Booty site to find places to purchase Pirates Booty

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zChocolat.com- Review

Okay chocolate lovers gather round I have something you need to try! zChocolat.com has the absolute best chocolate I have ever had. Hands down it beats every other chocolate. In presentation alone it stands alone.

Just look! The beautiful box was hidden in a pouch that protected it from scratches. The box itself is gorgeous and wooden. zChocolat.com personalizes the beautiful wooden chocolate box with the recipient’s name. This is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves chocolate! Believe me they will never forget this gift!

The box is a gift in itself. The chocolates make it that much sweeter. Honestly they would not even have to make the box so fancy and amazing what it holds within it is what is so amazing. But the fact that they put such attention to detail shows how much zChocolat.com cares about their chocolate. It truly is a gift unto anyone who gets to try this amazing chocolate. I count myself very lucky to be among those who have gotten the opportunity to try this amazing confection.

Pascal Caffet has created 26 exquisite recipes numbered 0-24 including the zChocolat exclusively for zChocolat.com. Their combined experience has resulted in worldwide availability of the finest french chocolates in the world. These are only available online These signature dark,milk or white chocolates include rich ganaches prepared with the highest quality French butter and cream and finely textured pralines with an avant-garde mixture of Valencia almonds and Piedmont hazelnuts. Caffet’s secret is his combination of artistic passion, culinary purity and years of experience.

zChocolat.com chocolates represent the perfection that can only be achieved by blending Pascal Caffet’s renowned expertise in chocolate making with years of meticulous chocolate tasting and feedbacks from thousands of zChocolat.com customers worldwide. Caffet uses only premium natural ingredients to complement his unique and acclaimed chocolate-making talent: Valencia almonds from Spain or Piedmont hazelnuts from Italy, the finest French cream and butter, and the purest cocoa butter from beans harvested around the world are carefully blended to create exceptional flavors and textures that can only be described as divine. Caffet creates these chocolates by hand, preserving a high cocoa content and using no preservatives and very little sugar. The result is 26 French chocolates numbered from 0 to 24 plus the Z chocolate with more intense flavors and a longer finish than other varieties.

Elevate your gifts well above the ordinary by adding a personal touch. zChocolat.com offers multiple customization options which are easy to implement when you place your order online. All are available without a minimum order and will not delay delivery of your gift. You can adorn all of their boxes with a diamond-engraved brass plate tastefully conveying your personal message of up to 25 characters. A diamond is used to produce an engraving unsurpassed in its precision. The result is compelling and flawless.

Buy It: Visit the zChocolat.com site to purchase delicious zChocolat.com products.

This was not a paid post my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review