Fine Motor: Pool Noodle Slices and Toothpicks

pool noodle slices and toothpicks IMG_20160404_173159801
Materials Needed:
Pool Noodle Slices ( I cut ours into 1 inch increments. I used scissors to cut through once I had measured and made a mark every inch along a pool noodle. )
Toothpicks ( I bought mine at the dollar store along with the pool noodle but grocery stores always have toothpicks)
Okay just keeping it real, here is our coffee table about a year ago my other son drew on it with a sharpie. I had decided to paint the table and make it super cute like all the pretty pictures on Pinterest. That was a year ago and here our very ugly coffee table still sits awaiting its makeover that may never come. It’s okay I have actually decided its not ugly it has character and that this was our sons attempt at Modern Urban Art. He is so artistic all of my children are. Some day I may even show you a picture or two of our couch my husband won’t let me get rid of. My children explored their artistic side on that as well. I think it was to complete the full living room look. Anyway I digress we are here to talk about pool noodle slices and toothpicks.
IMG_20160407_103848943This project is super simple. Once you have cut all your Pool Noodle slices place them in a basket hand over a bowl of tooth picks and let them create.
IMG_20160407_103908038Building tall towers, expanding, and creating all these amazing creations. They are particularly great because should your child decide to move a section its easily done.
IMG_20160407_103927518It reminds me of a molecular chain. In fact we might bring this activity to new life with my daughters next science faire project.
IMG_20160407_103949554This is a simple building activity that will keep those fine motor skills working as they pinch and grasp each toothpick. As they build along they are strengthening the muscles they will need for some many activities down the road.

Fine Motor and Science- Absorption Experimentation

absorption experiment
Yesterday we did an experiment exploring absorption. Absorption is when an object absorbs or soaks up a liquid. Yesterday we made it easy. Today we are really testing which objects absorb and which objects do not absorb.
The use of the pipette puts the hand in a pincer grasp and while coaxing the water into the pipette your child is using their fine motor skills. Also the picking up and moving of the cotton balls is using their fine motor skills as well
We used materials from around the house. So everyone will use different things I also split the tray so that objects that absorb are on one side and objects that repel the water are on the other side.
bowl for water
basket or bowl for items
plastic frog
piece of fun foam
wooden bead
glass pebble
cotton ball
tissue paper


Weaving Project

I didn’t capture it in the pictures but what was really cool about this project is that Mikey and Kaia worked together passing the pipe cleaners back and forth throguh the material to make a cooperative design

Materials Needed:
Onion or Potato Sack
Box or thick cardboard sheet
Duct tape or staples
Materials for weaving we used pipe cleaners, but yarn, embroidery floss etc would work great

1. Cut the sack in half so you have two sides
2. cut a hole in the middle of your cardboard so that you can use it as a frame for your weaving
3. Attach the sack material to the box with staples or duct tape (we used duct tape)
4. Start weaving we used pipe cleaners but use whatever material you have on hand

Egg Carton Challenge- A Jellyfish Forest

Our Jellyfish forest
We used an egg carton, neon acrylic paint and then topped it with glow in the dark paint
Added iridescent Easter grass for tentacles and some glitter and voila a Jellyfish Forest
We hung them over the kids water bead sensory table with a black light, mirror sheet (its actually mirror paper) and let the kids explore
Creating our jelly fish
gluing tentacles
adding glitter
more glitter
glow int he dark paint
And our original paint coat.

Okay so normally I do not do project based art. But this project had a purpose. We went to the Aquarium where they had a fantastic exhibit where you could pet Moon Jelly Fish. That’s right touch the jelly fish I did not know there were any jellies that were safe for touch. Anyway Mikey and Kaia loved it. We kept going back where they kept touching the Jellies. Mikey especially was enthralled. He has been asking for jellyfish ever since he wanted them in the Ocean water table but I have been unable to find any (toy jellyfish). So we decided to make some and that is why we now have a moon jelly forest.

This challenge was made from Tinkerlab

Glow Jars

We used glow sticks and glitter to create these awesome jars
It works best if you cut both ends of the glow stick the fluid inside comes out easier
We cut the glow sticks splattered them about in the jar added glitter and shook them about

Materials Used:
Glow sticks
mason jars
scissors (for cutting)