How to Make a Healthier Easter Basket

You don’t need to fill your Easter baskets with sugary snacks, there are healthier basket alternatives. Here are just a few to get you started. Including some of the cutest Baskets! You can find these personalized  Easter Baskets as well as other super adorable options at Personal Creations.
IMG_20160322_191143060Here is my nine year old’s basket. My kids love putting on puppet shows and  so I couldn’t resist including these super cute Educational Insights Sea Squad puppets. She also loves her doll house so a HABA Little Friends Bendable Doll was a fun choice.
For yummy snacks that aren’t full of sugar we added some Maui and Sons coconut chips, and Little Duck Organics Healthy Snacks.
My kids are obsessed with post-its. Seriously they can’t get enough. They use them for homework, games, notes to us, and so much more. So of course my daughter needed to have several different kinds in her basket.
And of course our Hamantashens you can find my recipe here .
IMG_20160322_191246109I love this basket we will have it in her room and use it year round. Maybe to hold books, or cute hair clips.

For my six year old boy he had a basket full of his favorite things.
How cute is this bag! I love the cape it is the cutest thing ever!
Mikey received some Post-its just like his sister, and some of those adorable Educational Insights Sea Squad puppets, and for our boy who is always on the go some PlayTape, and some tasty Little Duck Organics Healthy Snacks and Hamantashens.
IMG_20160322_191426796 Look how happy he is with his basket! He was seriously bouncing up and down. This basket is going to be used all year round. He decided to keep his favorite action figures in it!
And for my beautiful little three year old a super awesome super hero basket for him too!
The cape is seriously way to cute!
IMG_20160322_191538894My little man has some awesome fun in this bag! Educational Insights Sea Squad puppets, Little Duck Organics Healthy Snacks, Hamantashens, and some super amazing HABA Shakin Eggs.

HABA Little Friends Bendable Doll it is always exciting when you find cute boy dolls and this one is no exception. This little boy doll is adorable! And a wonderful book everyone needs to check out Jumbo Minds Earth Science ABC’s book.


HABA’s Little Friends Bendy Dolls

HABA’s Little Friends Bendy Dolls are a huge success at my house! My daughter and my son love these cute little bendy dolls. They are perfect for little hands. The arms and legs bend easily and they are just right for all the imaginary play your child can think up.
My daughter who is 9 instantly fell in love with these dolls and put them to play right away in her doll house.

While she is at school my 3 year old loves playing with these dolls. They have been added to his fun sensory bins where we build playgrounds for them and obstacle courses. He has them zooming through the air like superman and back down again just in time to have lunch with him.
BUY IT: HABA’s Little Friends Bendy Dolls are sure to be a hit with your little ones. These 4 inch tall “bendy dolls” are made from flexible soft plastic, with metal wires inside which allow for them to be posable. MSRP: $7.49. For ages 3 years +. Available at


Turn your fridge into a Roadway with PlayTape

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IMG_20160316_151616806For less than $10 you can turn your fridge, your floor, and just  about anything else into an awesome roadway. PlayTape is fantastic, it sticks to just about everything, peels off super easy with no residue left, and creates hours of imagination and creativity. IMG_20160316_151731347

My kids built the speedway on our fridge in around 30 minutes. They are always going back to it and playingIMG_20160316_151751267

The cars were just little cars we had laying around some of them were broken and missing wheels which is perfect for this. I used magnets I bought at the teacher store or perhaps the hardware store. They aren’t anything special. I just hot glued the magnets to the bottom of the cars and viola race way cars.


We had some magnets I had saved from those memo pads that attach to the fridge. We just added some blank sticky labels and the kids drew a moveable Finishline, Stop Sign, and road work sign.

IMG_20160316_151956108We used the thinner PlayTape  on some wooden blocks to make roads that could be setup rearranged and and reused many times over. We used blocks that the kids had already drawn on with markers so this was a nice way to cover it up and get the kids using the blocks again. This would of course be perfect for any blocks since this tape does not leave any residue.

IMG_20160316_153047670Buy It: You can purchase PlayTape on the PlayTape Website.



Valentines Picks: Kohl’s Cares

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Valentine’s Day is just one day away, parents and grandparents are looking for great gift ideas that won’t break the bank for those kids we love. Kohl’s wants to share the love with exclusive hardcover editions of Leo Lionni Books, beautiful Canvas bags and even a book for Mom! The perfect way to encourage a love of reading give a book along with a coordinating plush toys for just $5 each through the Kohl’s Cares cause merchandise program. And for Mom I highly suggest the Swimmy canvas bag it is so cute thick and very well made. The book from Kids Activity blog is a steal at just $5 and what a great way to show your love by spending time together recreating some amazing crafts and projects together!
Books and accessories featured in the Kohl’s Cares collection this spring include:
Frederick book and mouse soft toy
A Color of His Own book and chameleon soft toy
It’s Mine! Book and frog soft toy
Cornelius book and crocodile soft toy
Swimmy book
Tote bag
101 Kids Activities book

IMG_20160213_140444864 IMG_20160213_140453809
Your kids are sure to treasure their storybook with matching stuffed animal and accessories. And you’ll feel good about the small price of just $5 each with 100% of net profit benefiting children’s health initiatives nationwide. Kohl’s Cares purchases impact our local communities in a big way.

Kohl’s Cares partners with over 160 hospitals across the country educating parents and kids about living healthy, injury prevention, immunization, asthma, infant care, and more.

The Kohl’s Cares collection is available at all Kohl’s stores nationwide and on now through early April.

Be sure to follow Kohl’s on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Holiday Gift Guide: Learning Resources MeCorder™, Mini Video Recorder- Giveaway

Kaia loves to record herself. I have yet to meet a preschooler who is not all about recording themselves! The MeCorder makes it easy for her to record herself. She can easily record and playback her hilarious antics, lovely songs, and quirky personality. Plus I don’t have to worry about her breaking this recorder it is very sturdy. She loves the MeCorder because she can see herself as she records. Plus if you want to give your kiddo a reassuring message to take wit them on these easy to store recorder go for it! Mom and Dad can record reassuring messages that the child can play back, for instance on a school bus. The MeCorder can easily fit in your pocket, backpack etc. The MeCorder is also great for sending messages and progress back and forth between parents and teachers. There are so many uses for this great little recorder but Kaia and Mikey’s favorite is of course recording themselves. I don’t blame them they are beautiful I love seeing their recordings too!

Compact video recorder that’s simple enough for the whole family to use

Capture fun messages, creative performances, storytelling and more

Upload, share and charge via USB

Features 30-second recording, playback, LCD screen, mic and magnetic back

Measures 2.25″ x 2.25″

Buy It: Visit the Learning Resources site to purchase any of their fantastic products like the MeCorder.

Win It:One lucky Familylicious reader will win a MeCorder

Enter It: Click the Read More LINK below or Click HERE to find the Rafflecopter Widget for entry submission.
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