Turn your fridge into a Roadway with PlayTape

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IMG_20160316_151616806For less than $10 you can turn your fridge, your floor, and just  about anything else into an awesome roadway. PlayTape is fantastic, it sticks to just about everything, peels off super easy with no residue left, and creates hours of imagination and creativity. IMG_20160316_151731347

My kids built the speedway on our fridge in around 30 minutes. They are always going back to it and playingIMG_20160316_151751267

The cars were just little cars we had laying around some of them were broken and missing wheels which is perfect for this. I used magnets I bought at the teacher store or perhaps the hardware store. They aren’t anything special. I just hot glued the magnets to the bottom of the cars and viola race way cars.


We had some magnets I had saved from those memo pads that attach to the fridge. We just added some blank sticky labels and the kids drew a moveable Finishline, Stop Sign, and road work sign.

IMG_20160316_151956108We used the thinner PlayTape  on some wooden blocks to make roads that could be setup rearranged and and reused many times over. We used blocks that the kids had already drawn on with markers so this was a nice way to cover it up and get the kids using the blocks again. This would of course be perfect for any blocks since this tape does not leave any residue.

IMG_20160316_153047670Buy It: You can purchase PlayTape on the PlayTape Website.



Magnet Hunt in the Sand Table

We went on a magnet hunt in the sand table. Searching for hidden magnetic material

After seeing how into the Digging for Pirate Treasure Kaia got. I knew I had to come up with another fun searching activity if I wanted Kaia to become really involved.

It worked she loved this activity, even more than Mikey. I think she likes the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment when she has obtained what she is looking for. While Mikey likes this too, he is more into the imaginary play and actual digging aspect.

They did find every hidden metal object, magnetic piece, and even non-magentic material ( I threw a few in just to catch them off guard)

They were at this table for well over an hour combing through it to make sure that they had found everything they could

This was definitely a favorite table for Kaia she asked me to set it up for her again once she was sure she had found everything I had hidden in the table

This was an awesome activity. It would be fun with magnetic letters too. I didn’t take ours out we mostly focused on colors and shapes for Mikey.

This could be easily replicated using just screws, bolts, and washers with just a single magnet per child for finding the objects hidden to cut back on costs. I luckily had all these magnets leftover from my teaching days.

Sensory Table- Fishing

It is a cold and rainy day so we decided to go fishing

Indoors of course. I started out by making some fish with magnet eyes. I backed them with cardboard so they would be a bit more sturdy. I also made fishing poles with some sticks I found in my garage and magnets from my refrigerator.

My big mistake making to much “water” I thought it would be fun for them to find the hidden fish and fish eggs underneath. Turns out not so much.

So we ended up getting rid of a bunch of the extra “water” and leaving just a little bit with the fish and their eggs (colored magnet discs)

They were supposed to go fishing put their fish in the basket and not disturb the fish eggs.

It was of course a catch and release program because the eggs needed their Mommy’s and Daddy’s.

Favor Tin Magnet Exploration

I made a fun magnet game that is perfect for preschoolers. I put items that were both magnetic and non-magnetic in different tins. The tins themselves are not magnetic so they do not interfere with the items inside.
My kids love this game. Kaia made her own rules so items that are not magnetic go face down and items that are stay face up.
I love that you can see inside and the magnetic wand shows the movement of magnetic items within. Some people use muffin tins to store this game but I found that it interfered to much so I prefer a bin or basket to house this game instead.
You can find these tins in the wedding favor aisle at Michael’s Craft Store make sure to save the Sunday coupon.

Here is a list of items I put in the tins:
embroidery floss
colorful paperclips
iron nuggets
pencil grip
fiber fill (stuffing)
metal washers
easter grass
plastic stones
metal balls
metal clips
foam pieces
magnetic barbel
metal keychain
colorful metal ball
glass stone
metal wall clip
metal nuts
colorful metal chips
metal butterfly clip
jingle bells
counting bear
metal screw

I hot glued each container shut. It was not easy you have to work quickly and be careful there is not much room for glue.