Coloring Sand- With a Spray Bottle

We have a bunch of colored water in spray bottles left over from Mikey’s Messy Party. During the party we used these spray bottles for spray art on a fabric sheet

But I was thinking we have to be able to use them for something else. So I thought of our sand table

The kids first just sprayed the sand to create splashes of color and then they started thinking of other things they could do.

Kaia asked for a sand mold. So I gave her a cookie cutter she scooped sand inside and then poured the red water on top.

It worked (although) I should have made the red a bit darker

at the top left you can see the plain sand so you can see that there is a slight difference

She also used the water to make tunnels in the sand

My favorite thoguh was her idea to place the cookie cutter down in the sand and to try and spray only inside3 the cookie cutter

It worked GREAT! you could also place an object down and make a resist image by spraying all around it.

Mikey decided that the blue sand looked like ice cream so he asked for the ice cream scooper

And made some delicious ice cream cups!

Paint Sliding

While shooting paint covered balls, cars, trucks, and even Dino’s down the slide was so much fun. How Could Mikey resist sliding down himself. =)

Dino Land- Sand Table

Today we turned our Sand Table into a Dino Land. I saw these Dinosaurs at the Dollar tree and could not resist. We already had everything else on hand.

We used our plan rocks to create a rim around our watering holes which were made up of blue glass beads.

There were large rocks and “special rocks” spread throughout the table for the kids to discover build and create with.

Our special rocks consisted of quartz, pyrite, crystals, and a few other pretty rocks for the kids to discover.

Here the Dino found some GOLD! (pyrite)

The kids piled up the Dinosaurs. Had fun discovering rocks and feeding them to their Dinos and created Dino family units that would play together.

The plants were held up by foam and were easily moved around by the kids who decided at one pointto make a rainforest for the Dino’s

That may be our next table. I am thinking Frogs, Lizards, and Bugs.

This was a fun table that was a great way for the kiddos to express their imagination. It definitely kept them captivated for some time. Mikey especially loved this table. I am so excited that we are finally getting some real use out of our sand tazble. It is no longer the forgotten item in the backyard. When we go outside now the kids ask “Mommy what are we playing with in the sand today?” Which makes me so happy, although it does keep me on my toes. I need to come up with more ideas.

Painting with Leverage- Ramps and Balls

We sliced one of our extra pool noodles in half and let the kids roll marbles down them aiming for the paint

The kids loved it! After a while Kaia and Mikey started looking around for other things to roll the marbles down. Kaia found the PVC pipe pieces we use in the water table and created a long tube

Mike helped Mikey and before we knew it we had another fun way to get the marbles to the paper.

The kids loved using the PVC pipe because it is cut to small lengths and there are lots of T connectors in between the pieces. Very quickly Mikey started experimenting with sending the Marbles down the various holes.

The PVC pipe contraption seemed a little easier for the kids to aim

But Kaia liked the Pool noodle better. I think I might cut it down to make it a little shorter so it is easier for her to maneuver.

Kaia tried combining the two materials to make a super duper marble slide

We also did slide painting. I saw this idea first on Preschool Patti’s Blog and on Craft to Art years ago. But recently this ideas has been revived by Growing a Jeweled Rose she has some amazing pictures of her girls having a great time with this activity.

I had pie tins available for the kids to dip different textured and sized balls in

They then rolled them down the slide

I covered the slide in computer paper and had it aim into our kiddie pool.

While rolling the balls down the slide was awesome

Mikey did feel the need to dip his hands in the paint to create a “Waterfall” for the balls to slide down

Let me know if you give any of these ideas a try. I would love to see a comment with a link to anything you try out. We had so much fun and I bet you will too!

Mud Pie Gardening

Location, Location, Location… I set up this mud pie kitchen a few days ago and the kids would not go near it. They were just so uninterested.

Since then I have moved it several times and then today after setting it up in one place Kaia said “Mommy why can’t you just set up the mud by the flowers”. Well the child had spoken so I listened. And then something amazing happened Kaia and Mikey both started playing with the setup.
At first I thought this would be a mud pie kitchen I had muffin tins, spoons, pie tins etc setup but the kids got rid of most of it and decided it was a gardening station primarily for flowers

They spent well over an hour gardening picking flowers and transplanting them to the mud pie garden

They would fill their little pitcher of water and continue on their way making sure every flower had lots of water and dirt to grow healthy and strong

Kaia chose the place it was right under her favorite easy to pick flowers

Some wonderful creations

I also set out some bugs thinking they would want to play with those too and add to the whole garden experience. But alas no. I learned my lesson sometimes simpler is better and its all about location