Build a Bear Craftshop Fashion Decorating Kits

My kids love their Build a Bear’s. They love them so much or at least Kaia loves them so much she often wants them to dress like her. Build a Bear has a new craftshop line that we were lucky enough to test out with some of our friends. We received kits for making shirts there were supplies inside to create a shirt for you Build a Bear and a shirt for you too! Matching shirts are pretty awesome. Kaia used the markers provided and chose an iron on patch for me to iron on her animals shirt and chose a matching one for a t-shirt she has as well. Now Her Build a Bear animals can dress as fancy as she does! If you have a Build a Bear lover like my kiddo I know they will love creating cute clothes for their animal buddies and themselves.
Also we received a very cute cuddly tiny friend today. Kaia has named her bunny Hoppy check out Build a Bear’s new Smallfry line on their Facebook page.

About Build A Bears new Craftshop line:
Our brand new line of crafts called Build-A-Bear Craftshop™ will be introduced in all Michaels Stores in September. The new and unique Build-A-Bear Craftshop line includes 24 fun make-your-own projects such as a jewelry kit, hair accessory kit, painting projects and Make and Share kits containing a wearable craft creation for you and your furry friend.

We got to review the Make a Shirt craft with Kaia’s friends. The kids loved decorating the shirts.

Above is a sneak peak at Build a Bear‘s new line Smallfry’s. You can learn more about them on the Build a Bear Facebook page.
Here is a little info:
The limited edition collection includes eight pre-stuffed animals which are smaller versions of past and present Build-A-Bear Workshop favorite furry friends. They come packaged complete with their very own “nutritional friendship information” on back. Although they are small, each build-a-bear smallfrys furry friend has big personality- every serving is sure to increase Build-A-Bear Workshop Guests’ daily smiles.

“Tweens like how portable they are and younger Guests love to play Mama and Baby with their regular sized stuffed animals and build-a-bear smallfrys.”

Big build-a-bear smallfrys fun is also available at®, the company’s virtual world. Each of these furry friends comes with a code to receive free gifts at When Guests redeem their code online, they receive a virtual accessory bag themed to carry their build-a-bear smallfrys friend and a doll house style furniture item. When Guests click on the item, it opens up to a new smaller room, the perfect size for a build-a-bear smallfrys virtual furry friend.

Buy It: You can purchase Build a Bear Craftshop products on the or in a store near you.
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Wisk Stain Spectrum™ Technology Post 2: Protein Lab

You and your family are probably still basking in the summer sun, but as you know, the new school season is just around the corner. Between hitting the books and hitting the field for fall sports, you and your kids won’t have much time for laundry. So, Wisk’s going to help you kick those stains and get back into the swing of things.

New Wisk laundry detergent is reinventing the way you’ll look at stains with a powerful new formula and a red-hot bottle.

As the first liquid laundry detergent to market in 1956, Wisk® has been cleaning America’s laundry for the past 50 years. Now, they’ve upgraded their formula, but not their price, to tackle stains.

Wisk is bringing science to stain fighting with an upgraded formula featuring Stain Spectrum™ Technology. Wisk’s enzymes and cleaning agents target the full range of stains on a molecular level for a powerful clean.

Wisk is introducing a powerful new stain fighting formula and a new way to talk about stains in a reinvention that is likely to be as iconic as the brand’s legendary “ring around the collar” campaign.

New Wisk® with Stain Spectrum™ Technology is engineered to target the major stain groups
New stain vocabulary:

There are hundreds of different stains but most stains fall into three major groups:
* Carbohydrates such as milk chocolate
* Proteins such as grass
* Oils such as peanut butter

New powerful stain fighting formula. It doesn’t matter which of these stains you encounter, new Wisk with Stain Spectrum ™Technology is the solution to tackle them all

Wisk is available in August at major retailers nationwide, such as Walmart, Target and Kroger
* Suggested Retail Price: $5.99 for 50 fl oz. bottles that cleans 32 loads
Visit to:
* Learn more about Wisk’s Stain Spectrum™ Technology and the different categories of stains
* Download a coupon
* Also, remember to visit Wisk at
* Follow @Wisk on Twitter

My video camera is actually a very old camera that no longer takes photo’s only video’s and short one’s at that so bare with me. I had to split this into three small video’s.

I wrote Kaia’s name during the 10 second intermission =)

We used Wisk to clean a grass (protein) stained swatch

Buy It: Wisk is available in August at major retailers nationwide, such as Walmart, Target and Kroger. Visit HERE for a $1.00 off coupon.
* Suggested Retail Price: $5.99 for 50 fl oz. bottles that cleans 32 loads

Like Wisk on FB

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K’NEX Kicks Off 2011 K’NEXpert Search

K’NEX Kicks Off 2011 K’NEXpert Search
Kids Can Win $10,000 Savings Bond for College!

K’NEX is inviting kids to design a creative, original model made entirely from K’NEX parts. Three imaginative children – one from each of the three age groups: 5 to 6-year-olds; 7 to 8-year-olds; and, 9 to 12-year-olds – will each win a $10,000 savings bond for college. The models made entirely of K’NEX pieces are judged on creativity, uniqueness and detail.

In addition to $10,000 for college, the three grand prize winners will also receive a trip for three to K’NEX headquarters near Philadelphia, PA for the K’NEXpert Award Ceremony, where they can meet each other and discover, through company designers and a factory tour, how K’NEX is made. Seven finalists will each receive $1,000 savings bonds and all ten winners will receive $250 worth of free K’NEX Building Sets, and their very own photo gallery page at
The 2011 K’NEXpert Search will run through September 10, 2010. Children can enter by printing out the entry form available at and mailing it in.
The K’NEXpert Search is open to U.S. and Canadian residents and there is no purchase necessary. For more information on K’NEX, the contest and previous winners, visit
K’NEX website –
K’NEXpert dedicated page –
2011 K’NEXpert Rules & Details –
K’NEXpert Photo Gallery –

Dealmap Review with 10 Winners of $25 Gift Certificates to Restaurants Giveaway

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 687
Result: 1. 593 Robyn
2. 179 Michele
3. 679 ShesAnAngel
4. 95 Robert
5. 533 Julia
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7. 23 Lauren
8. 398 skgaff
9. 26 stacythemagnificentmommy
10. 672 Pamela S

I have a new favorite site Dealmap. Before we go out shopping for anything I always check Deal Map. I have found great deals from grocery stores to restaurants and more. I just found out about the Bath and Body Works Buy Three get Two Free sale from Dealmap. I am so going shopping later today. You can find so many incredible deals on this site. I like it better than the other deal sites I have found because I can find everything I am looking for on the Dealmap site. It is all nice organized and in one place. I also know that everything I am looking at is near me (you enter your zip code in). This is great because I have gone to other sites found great deals only to find they are nowhere near me, I have saved so much money using Dealmap I have been telling all of my friends! I signed up for the Dealmap Daily Newsletter so I receive Daily Deals near me as well. It’s great — it collects deals from the big names like Groupon and LivingSocial and shows you everything in one list. I used to subscribe to Groupon and a couple others and now I don’t need to.

The Dealmap, a first-of-its kind Web-based “deal discovery” service launched recently, and if you know Groupon, it’s like Groupon on steroids. Here are some facts:

– The Dealmap literally has access to the greatest number of local deals and daily deal sites anywhere on the Web (more than 300,000 and counting). This is due to the very advanced technology its parent company, Center’d, developed over the past couple of years combined with partnerships with companies like ValPak, GoldStar Entertainment, Merchant Circle, CitySearch and more.
– There are several new entrants in the suddenly-hot local/daily deal site category, but The Dealmap is the only one that lets consumers view local deals on an actual map, or in list form.
– The Dealmap already offers daily deal emails and deal alerts via Twitter in more than 20 cities (which includes all the individual group buying sites and Foursquare).
– The Dealmap gets its deals from a wide range of sources: the above-mentioned partner feeds, other coupon/deal sites (including -Groupon and Living Social), traditional media sites, directly from businesses and from users who submit deals themselves (and offers an incentive-based gaming feature to promote user deal submissions).

What’s the big picture, and what’s the news?

The Dealmap is a brand new deal discovery service that brings together three concepts that no one site has yet to deliver: (1) The largest number of local deals on the Web, including the the biggest collection of “daily deal” offers; (2) the ability to zero in on your neighborhood to show you the most relevant deals on a map; and (3) summarized and aggregated information about what consumers think about the businesses and service providers offering these deals.

You can access all this information when and where you want it – via e-mail, your favorite social media site, and soon on a mobile phone. The net result is that The Dealmap gives you the best deals in the locations relevant to you, and offers guidance to help you make informed choices about what retailers and service providers to use.

How exactly does it work?

It’s easy. All you do is go to, plug in your ZIP code, and the site instantly shows you deals in your neighborhood. You can choose the types of deals you’re most interested, such as restaurants, events and attractions or shopping. You can even filter deals by interests, such as “kid-friendly” or “romantic.” For example, if you live in the Cole Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, once you enter your ZIP code, The Dealmap might display a buy one, get one free entree at EOS Restaurant, a coupon for 20% off one item at Cole Hardware, or a kids get in free with an adult admission ticket at the San Francisco Zoo. The Dealmap is working with scores of partners (and adding more every day) to bring you the best collection of deals you’ve ever had access to.

You can also follow The Dealmap in more than 20 cities on Twitter to get deal alerts as they happen.

Is there an iPhone app or other mobile application?

There will be, within a few weeks. The Dealmap’s engineers are putting the finishing touches on their iPhone app even as you read this. Once complete, you’ll be able to access the largest number of local deals while you’re out and about.

There are lots of coupon sites out there, and some even have mobile components. So how is The Dealmap different, and better?

The Dealmap has three distinct components that no other coupon, mobile application or social media site has– the largest number of local deals on the Web, the ability to find deals in your neighborhood on a map, and detailed information about businesses from other consumers. In addition, The Dealmap uses game-like features and incentives to reward people who participate by submitting and sharing deals.

Most large deal or coupon aggregators collect online deals, not deals from local businesses like The Dealmap does. If they do have local deals as well, the number of sources and comprehensiveness is limited. The few sites that do aggregate local deals are either not available across the U.S. (and the U.K. for that matter), or don’t have the comprehensiveness that The Dealmap offers.

So tell me about this “Deal Hero” game component of the service that you’re going to offer.

Our research shows that 8 in 10 people “feel a sense of exhilaration” when they find a great deal, and we wanted to bring some of the fun and excitement to the site. To make submitting deals and using the site fun and competitive, The Dealmap has created game-like features and rewards. People may attain status levels, collect badges, and even receive free gift certificates by becoming “Deal Heroes” and submitting deals that help others save money. People can view how they rank on “leaderboards” posted on the site, including:

– Points Scoreboard (people with the most points) – Top Deal Submitters: (people who have submitted the most deals)

– Ttoday’s tTop pPoints eEarners (people who have earned the most points today)

When people earn enough points, they’ll receive free gift certificates to local businesses. We think adding these fun and competitive components to the mix will make The Dealmap the go-to place for social networkers who love to share hot deals with their friends.

You can see more about becoming a Deal Hero here:

And get details about points, status and rewards here:

Find a Deal: You can visit the Dealmap site to find great deals going on right near you!

Win It: TEN lucky readers will win $25 Gift Certificates to a restaurant near them from Dealmap. To enter FIRST YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG. Next visit the Dealmap site and tell me about a deal you found going on near you.

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Giveaway ends August 29th@11:59PM PST. US only. Winner will be picked via If your profile page does not show your email address, please include your email address in your comment. For example: so that I may get in touch with you if you are selected as the giveaway winner. Please respond within 48 hours, or a new winner will be chosen.
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Good Luck!