Giant Sensory Bag

Picture 509We made a Giant Waterbed. Well I guess Medium sized we don’t have a huge grass area in my backyard. It is pretty small so I made our waterbed out of two $2 Shower Curtains
Picture 365I used two layers of duct tape around all the sides and three layers on the corners. Make sure you leave a small opening for the hose to go in.

Picture 362I folded the edges over twice and taped them down. Make sure you press very hard and really seal it.

Picture 439I squirted some purple watercolor in the tarps.

Picture 441I held the corner where the hose went in up while the waterbed filled. I also pushed the hose in as far as it would go to the otherside. Make sure you fill the waterbed on a very flat surface. When the bag is filled as much as you would like. Pull out the hose while keeping that corner elevated. Use a towel to dry off any water on the corner and seal it with duct tape. I went over the corner three times.

Picture 442Here it is all filled, pretty, and ready to go.

Picture 448Mikey was the first to test it out.

Picture 465The waterbed was abused. The kids jumped and danced on it.

Picture 479They layed out and relaxed.

Picture 490And then they had me move the kid wash next to it, notice the giant paint sensory bag they used it like a slip n slide.

Picture 493The Kid Wash sprayed water onto the Giant Sensory Bag and it became a huge splash pad the kids jumped on it. Slid on it and just had a blast!

Picture 501Through it all, even the epic jump you see below. The Giant Sensory Pad held up. Not sure if its because it was made of shower curtains or what but. It never sprang a leak and the kids were sliding across it. It pulled up and almost flipped over but still no leaks. This was definitely a favorite!

Picture 508
Materials Needed:
2 quantity Shower curtains I bought mine at Big Lots for $2
duct tape
liquid water color

1. Follow my above instructions on how to fold and seal all the edges.
2. Squirt in yourwater color and glitter. Push the hose in as far as it will go while keeping that corner elevated.
3. Once filled seal that open corner. Make sure it is dry before you seal it.
4. Enjoy your giant Sensory bag!

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Giant Paint Sensory Bag

We made a giant Paint bag out of a $2 shower curtain and some paint shaving cream and duct tape.

It was love at first sight for Mikey he layed right down in the shade on our cool giant paint bag and started smooshing the colors together.

Smooshing the colors together

He wrapped himself in a rainbow. Mostly so he wouldn’t have to share with his brother.

The colors started blending together along with the shaving cream

And Liam got his turn on the giant paint bag.

He was very proud of himself

Look at the beautiful face. He layed himself down for a nap. Apparently the giant paint bag is super comfy.

And just incase you were wondering because my kiddos were. This giant paint bag looks awesome under a black light.

Materials Needed:
Shower curtain I bought mine at Big Lots for $2
duct tape
Paint (tempera)
Shaving cream

1. Fold the shower curtain in half and tape two side leaving one side open.
2. Squirt in your shaving cream and paint.
3. Seal open side.
4. Enjoy your giant paint bag!

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Stretchy Slime

1 cup school glue
1 cup liquid starch
Food coloring optional

Combine and enjoy. If the mixture starts getting sticky add more starch. keep in an airtight container.

** Use strawberry baskets, spoons, be creative
** We made a batch of blue and a batch of yellow so when we mixed them they would turn green

Sensory Bags-The Big List!!!

Sensory Bags
One of my very favorite things to make are Sensory Bags well sensory bags and sensory bottles. These two items just scream preschool and fun to me. They are cheap to make create hours of entertainment, wonder, and exploration and are just plain awesome!

Make sure to ALWAYS seal your baggies securely! I cannot emphasize this enough. Unless you want your baggie opened and the contents poured out. SEAL IT… all around, TWICE! I ALWAYS DOUBLE BAG my Sensory baggies…ALWAYS! I like using clear packing tape. You can also use duct tape. Its really a personal preference thing and usually comes down to what you have at home.
I also almost always use sandwich baggies. There are exceptions but for almost all my sensory bags its the size I prefer. I buy whatever is cheapest. I get my baggies from the Dollar store 60 baggies for $1. Remember I always double bag and seal around every edge of the baggie. I have some Sensory Bags that have been in my class for several years and they are played with daily!CLICK ON ANY OF THE LINKS OR THE PICTURES BELOW TO SEE HOW TO MAKE ANY OF THESE FANTASTIC SENSORY BAGS

Layered Sensory Bag
Picture 147
Oil and Water Sensory Bag
Picture 317
Ocean Sensory Bag

Magnetic Sensory Bag
Picture 330
Rainbow Stew Baggies with Recipe
Picture 307
Space Theme Sensory Bag

Packing Peanut

Shaving Cream and Shaving Cream Color Mix Sensory Bags
Picture 337
Healthy Eating/ The Hungry Caterpillar Sensory Bag

Color Gel Mixing Sensory Bag
Picture 332
Sugar Scrub Sensory Bag

Fish Sensory Bag

Googley Eye Sensory Bag

Empty Balloon Sensory Bag

Squishy Snake Sensory Bag
Picture 066
Glow in the Dark Sensory Bag
Picture 399
Squishy Bug Sensory Bag
Picture 068
Every Color of the Rainbow Gel and PomPom Sensory Bags
Picture 389
Shampoo and Beads Sensory Bag
Picture 071
Styrofoam Bead Sensory Bag
Picture 072
Seashell Sensory Bag
Picture 395
Snowman Sensory Bag
Picture 076
“I Spy” Sensory Bag
Picture 081
Blubber Sensory Bag
Picture 412
Reusable Ice Cube Sensory Bag
Picture 086
Off Roading Sensory Bag
Picture 089
Farm Sensory Bag
Picture 095
Fourth of July Sensory Bag
Picture 098
Birds of a Feather Sensory Bag
Picture 100
Colorful Straws Sensory Bag
Picture 102
Marble Maze- Finger Gym Sensory Bag
Picture 103
Gel Cling Sensory Bag
Picture 110
Balloon Sensory Bag
Picture 111
Decorative Soap Sensory Bag
Picture 117
Rubber Band Sensory Bag
Picture 120
Super Chilly Water Bead Bag- Freezes but never Frozen! Sensory Bag
Picture 122
Transportation Sensory Bag
Picture 126
Dinosaur Bone Excavation Sensory Bag
Picture 364
Gel Sensory Bags

Paint Sensory Bags and Using them in the Writing Center

Feelie Gloves

Giant Paint Sensory Bag

Giant Sensory Bag

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Activity 2: Make a Hidden Object Box

Activity 3: Make Texture Cards


Rainbow Stew- Color Mixing without a Mess

Materials Needed:
1/3 cup sugar
1 cup corn starch
4 cups water
Food Coloring Red, yellow, blue

1. Mix together all of the ingredients in a sauce pan over medium heat.
2. Stir constantly until the mixture begins to thicken. You should be able to drag a spoon through the mixture like below

3. Remove from heat and let cool.
4. Divide the mixture into three bowls.
5. Add a different color of food coloring to each bowl.
6. Put approximately three tablespoon each of two colors into a zip-lock baggie.
7. Push out all the air in the bag and then seal the bag and tape the top closed.
8. I double bag sealing each baggie with clear packing tape.
9. Once the top is sealed go around the perimeter sealing all edges for durability
10. Let the children knead the baggies to mix colors.

**I like to only do TWO colors at a time or one color that way the baggies last longer you can still play with a purple baggie and it looks pretty but brown and black baggies are not so cute and that is what happens when you mix more than two colors.

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