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Sensory Table: Rock Quarry

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

We are talking about community helpers. So I decided we needed a rock quarry complete with Quarriers (people who work in the quarry) or in our case machines that work in the quarry.
We talked about different jobs in the quarry.
Here are some names of jobs and positions you might find in a quarry

Stone Cutter
Quarry Worker
Stone Worker
Quarrying Specialist
Rock Splitter

The kids enjoyed moving the rocks around the quarry sensory table.







Materials Needed:
Rocks ( I bought these at Michaels they were just decorative rocks)
Machines that would be used in a Quarry

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Iceberg Sensory Table

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Picture 1052
We made icebergs or Igloos in our sensory table!
Picture 1050
I filled water balloons with water. My freezer takes 48 hours to completely freeze a water balloon. So I only froze these for 24hours. That way I knew there would be a week point and hollow center. I filled the bottom of the bin with some gravel and tore the balloons open. Which also filled the sensory bin with very cold water. Added our little cold weather friends and the kids explored!
Picture 1051

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Sensory Table and PVC Pipes

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Picture 434
While studying bugs we were talking about ants and their tunneling systems they create.
Picture 429
To give the kids a better understanding of what we were talking about I added PVC pipes to the sensory table with different connectors. I had meant to buy black beans to represent the ants. But used what I had on hand which were black eyed peas.
Picture 430
The kids had a blast building and creating more “tunnels”
Picture 431 Picture 432 Picture 433

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Real Worms Sensory Table

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Picture 393
This table is not for everyone. But My kids loved it. I bought organic dirt and worms!
Picture 390
The boys especially loved this table there were some girls too who really liked it.
Picture 391
If this table is not for you, you can always use plastic bugs like the ones below.
Picture 394

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Sensory Table Discovery Sound

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Picture 292I added rice, plastic eggs, funnels cups, and toilet paper tubes to the sensory table.

Picture 268Inside I had potpourri for the kids to explore the sense of smell. They created interesting mandalas out of the objects found in the potpourri blend. I had mirrors out for them to create on.

Picture 269The kids figured out if the plugged the end of the toilet paper tube with the egg they could create rainsticks.

Picture 270

Picture 272

Picture 274

Picture 282

Picture 283

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