Space Sensory Bins



Make a satelite above.Cardboard pieces were packing material, pipe cleaners, corks, and othe plastic packaging material

IMG_20160104_121009346Blackbeans, glass beads, space figures and glitter

Snowball Sensory Bin

IMG_20151130_084938033The base is salt both epsom salt and table salt

There is glitter spoons glass beads and pingpong balls

A Felt River to fish in

IMG_20151116_121428584We created a felt sensory river for the kids to fish in. Different fish with different textures along with the regular magnet fish to catch!

Fall Sensory Bin

IMG_20151102_095156503  Our fall sensory table was nature inspired.

Black beans as a base

River rocks, pine cones, fall leaves, blue glass stones and a small bowl to create a pool. IMG_20151102_095845677

Fine Motor and Science- Absorption Experimentation

absorption experiment
Yesterday we did an experiment exploring absorption. Absorption is when an object absorbs or soaks up a liquid. Yesterday we made it easy. Today we are really testing which objects absorb and which objects do not absorb.
The use of the pipette puts the hand in a pincer grasp and while coaxing the water into the pipette your child is using their fine motor skills. Also the picking up and moving of the cotton balls is using their fine motor skills as well
We used materials from around the house. So everyone will use different things I also split the tray so that objects that absorb are on one side and objects that repel the water are on the other side.
bowl for water
basket or bowl for items
plastic frog
piece of fun foam
wooden bead
glass pebble
cotton ball
tissue paper