Celtic Challenge- Review  and Giveaway

We are big game players in our house now having TWO designated game nights a week. We love trying out new games and finding ones we truly love to keep bringing them out to play and play again. Celtic Challenge is one of those games. First of all I have to say from the moment we saw the game even in the box we knew we were in for a treat. There is some weight to this game when you pick it up you can feel it this is not a flimsy board with some this plastic game pieces instead you get a sturdy wooden board that is beautiful. It has become a centerpiece on our coffee table as we (our friends too) constantly go the board throughout the day and try and beat our personal best.

We have played in teams but we like playing “solitaire”. It is a bit calmer then playing on teams. Celtic Challenge is a strategic game where the object of the game is to remove the most matching tiles from the board during 6 quick rounds of play. There are 5 different Celtic symbols, to start the game off, you set the Marker Stone on the symbol of your choice. You then remove all the tiles with that symbol. It might sound easy but you can only flip over the tiles that are not touching any visible piece.

Once you complete this first challenge you move to round 2, choosing a new symbol and then removing all the tiles with that symbol from the board before following the steps from the first round to see how many you can take off the game board. You continue in this fashion until you can no longer play. The Celtic Challenge is to remove all of the tiles as you can in 6 turns alone.

The game includes a History/Rule Book that gives you background info on the game and its origins which is pretty awesome apparently no one has ever been able to succeed in removing all the pieces from the board in six turns!

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  1. tina page says:

    i want to get starry night for my nephew

  2. Joseph Stowell says:

    I really enjoy 1939 version of The Wizard of Oz movie with , so The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Find It game is ideally suited for me!

  3. Jennifer Arndt says:

    I must say I like ‘On Dry Ground’ best. My husband and I love puzzles, and the Bible is very important to us.

    P.S. I accidentally wrote aja***09@gmail.com instead of aja***@gmail. I hope this doesn’t mess anything up!

  4. I like the Find it Kid, Classic Edition, Wood Edition.

  5. I like the Oh Really game from Find It Games. It looks like a fun game that my whole family would enjoy.

  6. barbara hunt says:

    Thanks for the great contest!

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