Chrisit Harris Precision Brow Planning System Review

Do you have issue’s with your eyebrows? I do. Honestly I cannot tell you how I have tried and tried to get the perfect brow with no success. I just could not do it on my own so I would go and get my brows waxed but now with the kids it is so hard to call and make an appointment let alone actually go to any appointment I have made. So sadly my eyebrows have become disheveled, not cute and a little depressing. I tried tweezers but I am really not good at using them and I basically took off an entire eyebrow don’t ask me how I did it, but I did. Thank goodness I wear glasses that hit right around the eyebrow mark they are the only things that saved me from utter public humiliation as the one eye browed girl. Christi Harris Precision Brow Planning System is the only brow system or brow anything for that matter that I have been able to successfully use to make my brows look good. All the tools are easy to use and the booklet is incredible it helps you figure out exactly what you need to do to make your eye brows look amazing!

Why the Precision Brow Planing System™?
A well groomed brow gives a lifting and softening effect to the face, unlike any other cosmetic application can do.

Tweezing, waxing and aging result in permenant loss of brow hair and damage to the skin. Christi’s Planer (plane-er) gently glides over the skin to remove the hair, leaving no skin damage, redness or irritation! The Precision Brow Planer gives you a sleek, clean line without gaps that no other method can. It gives you perfect brows now and forever!

16 to 60, all brows are sparse somewhere. Some a little, some a lot. Some naturally, some from the damage other methods cause. Adda Brow makes a sparse brow full again and unlike pencil looks completely natural. The Adda Brow color is universal for all brow hair colors and the combination of Adda Brow, Color Blend Trio and Duo Diffuser allows you to dress up or down your brows. Whatever you decide, your brows will always look natural and you avoid the dreaded ‘penciled look’.

The easy step by step guidelines and online video allow YOU to become your own brow expert to give a personal brow shape that frames and balances your face shape. No longer be at the mercy of others in deciding the fate of your precious brows.

The professional quality brushes are purposely designed for easy brow maintenance. The at home kit features everything you need to naturally fill and shade as well as contour and highlight the complete eye area with the added bonus eye contour brush.

No other brow system, or brow kit can compare to the cost, quality, benefits and outcomes of the Precision Brow Planing System. Try it today.

Exclusive to Christi Harris, the Precision Brow Planer™ offers perfect, painless, precision brow grooming and shaping at your fingertips. Deliberate in its design, the Precision Brow Planer™ eliminates ingrown hairs and redness from tweezing, waxing and threading to create brilliantly beautiful brows.
A fibrous, yet slightly translucent crème enhances sparseness, fills bald areas, and elongates the brow tail extension without leaving harsh lines; adds texture for a natural, hair-like appearance.
A brilliant trio of universally flattering hues used individually or blended to achieve a natural match to virtually any hair color.
The finishing step to a goof-proof brow, our unique formula softens Color Blend Trio™ and adheres to Adda Brow™ building a fuller, more becoming brow.
Positively goof-proof, one end is more refined, precisely lines the desired shape, while the opposite end is the perfect density and width for filling sparseness.
A stroke of genius, one end is the perfect span to blend and highlight, while the opposite end refines and places each hair in its proper place.
An indispensable shadow brush used with Diffusing Powder Duo™ to highlight lid and brow bone, and with Color Blend Trio™ to contour above the crease and outside corner of the eye.
This book contains the instructions you need to become your own brow expert. Christi carefully guides you through every step with rich visuals and simple direction. No matter if you are already a brow expert, or novice you too can have perfect brows just by following the instructions.

Buy It: You can purchase the Christi Harris Precision Brow Planning System on the Christi Harris site.

This was not a paid post my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review

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