Fine Motor: Color Match-up Tiny Pompoms

color match tiny pompoms
Maybe its just me but sometimes when you buy a bag of pompoms for art projects or even just for sensory play there are some pompoms that are just so microscopically tiny you are in bewilderment as to what to do with them. Well look no further this is exactly what you should do with them.
When I was picking up prescriptions for the kids the nice lady at the pharmacy through a few freebies in to the bag for me ans this small pill carrier was one of those things. Look at it so tiny so ready to become a tiny hand held game for the kiddos.
I used Sharpies to color the inside of each little compartment so that the children can match the pompoms to the correct compartment.
IMG_20160329_105721172The picture makes everything look bigger then it is. Those are my three year olds hands. These pompoms are super tiny and hard for me to even handle. I wanted this to be a challenge!

IMG_20160329_105728988This game is Dinosaur approved in case you were wondering.

IMG_20160329_105735653See tiny three year old hands are massive compared to these tiny 3mm pompoms




The act of opening and closing the small compartments is also using their fine motor skills. So there you go enjoy. This is an easy game to throw in your purse to it takes up hardly any space and can keep kids occupied for a while.

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